A plasma discharge will form a linear column
Bent by magnetic fields

It will be surrounded by a transparent disc or torus

Because of the intense current flow
Upper and lower extremities will form

The upper disc will appear to
Curve upward forming arms

Those of the lower torus will appear to
Point down forming legs

The underlying hourglass pattern
Will have many subtle variations
And move through discreet phases

This stick man figure
Is shown on petroglyphs
All over the world

The plasma stick man is also depicted
Being built by Prometheus who is Mars

Mars was discharging in intense plasma
Being situated right under Venus

When charge reaches a certain level
Plasma will concentrate in the center
Then expel forming another figure

This is the rational behind
Being created out of the rib cage of another
Which shows up in other creation accounts

Bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh

It is why in the second creation account in Genesis
Creation is created from existing material