A moving magnetic field induces current
A reactive current is either capacitive or inductive
They are expressed in different geometries depending on the charge

Pressure differentials from blended currents display chaotic events

Patterns show the direction of the charge
And also touchdown points

A discharge branches out in fractal dendrites to absorb charge

A large charge flow will initiate an electric arc
And trigger a mega lightning bolt with a plasma torch effect
Called a Lichtenburg Figure

The Grand Canyon is over 400 kilometers long
The carved out debris should be at the delta

The Grand Canyon is a giant Lichtenburg Figure or welding arc

Incoming electrons will carve out rock strata
Which will form valleys with layered debris
Or transverse striations with tilted or uplifted faults

Linear rows of monoclines have interference patterns in their undulated troughs

Narrow secondary jet streams will cut adjacent canyons and gorges

Regions of high density left pinnacles craters dikes and domes

Lakes are often where highly charged circuits connected
And grounded deep into the earth
The symmetrical anodic and cathodic pressures formed a circular depression

Or a lake could be where a central discharge wave was sustained

Mountains are formed by a static buildup of charge
By out of phase electric fields magnetically connecting
Pulling the melted and ablated ground up to the focal point

Subterranean capacitive currents will be forced into the atmosphere
Ions will form a linear pattern
Resulting in a sharply peaked mountain range

The violent turbulence of electron currents created mountains
That at first resembled soft puddly diametric formations
Then ionized into granite

Every mountain and ridge line
Every hill canyon and dale
Every rock formation
Can be tied to electrical events

Earthquakes are the result of electron currents
Overloading or short circuiting ley lines

Our world is covered with signs of past enormous electrical occurrences

Baphomet Fields are electromagnetic areas
Produced by the insertion of artificial instruction sets
Into our worlds holographic blueprints

They produced inverted spin and different rates of spin in subatomic particles

This is alien machinery used to subdue our realm

This is why former advanced civilizations are now buried
Or lie in ruins

And all this has happened in the recent past!