The Serapeum is located on the west bank of the Nile river
30 miles from Cairo, Egypt

It is an underground labyrinth
Carved out of solid bedrock

There are caverns called niches that deviate from the tunnels
In each room there is a 70 ton smoothly carved granite box

These giant rectangular shaped containers
Also have 20 ton lids on top

They are cut and hollowed out with perfection
The underside of the lid is exactly square
With the vertical surface of the inside of the box

They were somehow transported through the narrow hallways into each niche

The Serapeum was powered by the numerous pyramids at Saqqara

These granular crystalline boxes would produce a piezoelectric effect
They would have a resonating vibration and sound

The flawless engineering would produce insulating properties permitting the ionization of air
And so the transduction of biophotonic healing would be enhanced

Thus rejuvenation of tissues
And amplification of consciousness
Were obtained through the channeling of electrical energy
Via geometric structures and conductive material