You did not get your last booster shot
Sorry your bank account will be frozen until you comply

The all encompassing digital and police state will be disguised as progress

On October 4 there will be what is being promulgated as an EAS and WEA emergency alert test
The WEA part will be directed to all cell phones
The EAS part will be sent to all radios and TVs

October 4 or 10 4 is a term used by law enforcement

In the movie Cell
A frequency is emitted from cell phones that turn people into apocalyptic zombies

In the movie Kingsman
Sudden cell phone frequencies put people in a trance like state making them violent

These movies are to implant into the subconscious ideas that seek manifestation in the outside world
We are just acting out what is being spoken to us subliminally

We are flame born creations of God
Thrown off as sparks from the wheels of the Infinite

Our flame is the fire and light of the Universe
And our cells feed upon our soul fire

Our physical form hides our light
We can increase it by love and service
And flame it with purity and altruism

Baptism of the Holy Spirit is by plasma fire
That arises from the dancing curtain and convoluted flames of the discharge column at the center of our world
Which ends up enveloping our entire realm

Flickering auroral lights become the Spirits of the dead who died in battle
Or the gallivanting Souls of unmarried maidens

When the plasma volcano explodes at the place of emergence from below
And when the return strike issues forth from above
The synaptic gap is bridged in the Mind of God

The creative spiral of chaos is also the serpent of creation
The north stairway of El Castillo at Chichen Itza in Mexico
Reproduces the 7 undulations of the cosmic serpent Kukulkan

Auroral interactions inaugurate world wide mythic themes

The aurora borealis is a dormant plasma volcano at the north pole
That becomes interpreted as the fiery sword of godly apparitions

Orpheus played upon the 7 stringed lyre
Hermes has his Emerald Tablets of divine revelation

Buddha sat on his holy mountain in his yellow robe
Krishna is the blue god who traveled down the axis to save mankind

And the head of Jesus was surrounded by golden flames
As he walked upon the plasma water of the Most High God

The Tree of Life blossoms quickly and becomes an object of universal adoration
Its divine fire enlightens the spirit and warms the soul

But also separates the wheat from the chaff!