Earth has been in a full scale alien invasion
That started in a previous age in a forgotten place called Tara
Then moved to Lemuria in the South Pacific
Then took on Atlantis which was a worldwide empire
The defeat of which heralded in a period of darkness

The return to light was the creation accounts in myth and religion
The War then focused on Sumeria and Egypt
Then on the Tartarian Empire
Which was subdued only a couple hundred years ago

The Draco Reptilians believe humans are descended from their advanced genetic science
And so we are their personal property

This takeover has been accomplished by an electronic harness device called the Graviton
It usurps electromagnetic energy by metatronic reversals
That create energy spirals above our earth plane of unnatural electric fields called the NET
Which causes the proliferation of black forces and configurations
Referred to as the Demon Seed

The Graviton also controls the holograms used to push false timelines
It does so by controlling the photon which emits energy
Then projecting light reversal fields that perpetuate cycles
Of 3D density reality over and over

This is the matrix glitch that goes unnoticed by humanity
Because of our short life span

The manipulation of earths electromagnetic field
Has suppressed proper functioning of our glandular system and hormonal secretions

The most impacted has been the pineal pituitary and hypothalamus glands
They work as a trinity and are required for the brain to read energy signatures

Proper functioning hormonal secretions allow for the perception
Of subtle fields of energy in multi dimensional states

The tunneling of thousands of unimaginably deep mines in the American West
Ascribed to miners with pickaxes and hammers
Were overseen by Reptilian chimeras using advanced machinery and humans as workers
Then funneling the resources of minerals and chemicals off world

Chimeras look human but are not
They act human to prolong their use in that body without detection

Chimeras work with military factions that program holographic quantum realities
They hack genetic codes using neuro technology
Such as brain mapping and mind uploading
All for the purpose of gaining access to human bodies more easily

A main purpose of the CERN Hadron Collider particle accelerator and proton smasher
Is to create thousands of miniature punctures or black holes in the ionosphere or firmament
These will amplify the radiation of artificial waves
Used to collect energy from the earth

The introduction of chimeric black forces into our realm
Is also the main object of the transhumanist agenda

Chimeric entities work in underground military laboratories
For the purpose of cloning
Especially of public figures

And they inhabit the real bodies of humans who are a vibrational match
Which makes takeover much easier

When the human body matches the vibration of dark forces
That person becomes a conduit
And thus attracting even more dark consciousness!