Stars are pulsating undulating revolving celestial orbs
They are sonoluminescent and each displays a unique pattern
They radiate their own frequency

Planets are wondering stars
Contrary to mainstream belief they have change their courses considerably
Within the past few hundred years

Also contrary to popular belief
They are the source of the gods of religion

These planetary gods were anthropomorphized and treated with reverence
Due to their close proximity and the power they displayed

Statues were constructed of them by the previous culture
With amazing splendor and beauty

These statues ornamented buildings that were energy generators
They were rebranded as cathedrals and churches after the last reset

Cathedrals were cathodes
Their towers typically had coils which generated a vortex

Rotundum columns generated electrons by carrying the current in loops
Like a Tesla Coil

The base of the column was the torus
And the top had a toroidal vortex
Electricity flowed through them

Iron rods were in the stone infrastructure
Because iron is magnetic

Many buildings were complimented with gold and copper roofing
Because gold and copper are strong conductors

Also domes and arches as well as many statues had distinctive blue copper

Limestone granite and dolomite was mixed with crystal silica or quartz
Making a strong electric potential

Colonnades and arches were integral components to the electromagnetic infrastructure
They were constructed in geometric forms which mirrored the flow of electromagnetic energy

Because of their content of iron oxide
Red bricks are excellent conductors of electricity

They are capacitors like batteries
And can store electrical energy

Clock towers and obelisks stored and distributed energy throughout the grid

It was a complex interconnected system of free energy!