We are being unplugged form one understanding of reality
And plugged into another

Through mobile devices we will soon connect to cyber space
Which will connect us to the AI computer
And to The Blockchain which is the data base for all our personal records

Free cell phones are given to all immigrants

Our skies are being transformed and turned into a field
Of gamma rays micro radio waves ultraviolet and infrared x rays
Capable of cloaking entities and aircraft such as the Dark Fleet

Particles having different variations in vibration and oscillation
Are what allows multiple realities to coexist

The manipulation of wavelengths in our electromagnetic field
Allows beings of different physical states to exist in our realm

Beings who were originally one with the creator
Now have to siphon energy from life on Earth

Cathode ray tubes are being used to accelerate and defect electron beams
Onto the movie screen of the sky to create images

The sun simulator is a giant halogen light
And will one day soon cause a huge solar flash
Many will not survive because of their fragile emotional and spiritual state

Coaxial cables will broadcast demons

A Messiah will appear as a result of AI frequency technology
People will be so psychologically tormented they will be more than willing to accept it as real

The veil will then be lifted

A Great Awakening will occur that everything is an illusion
Which emanates from holographic projections
Empowered by our minds

But it will only come to those who are not trapped
In some AI artificial reality!