The plasma dome over our world
Is artificially created
To keep us hemmed in

Rainbows are a relatively new phenomenon
Since they are reflections off the dome

We can get out by using underground tunnels
Or by portals

But you have to match the frequency of the portal

Electromagnetic radiation from the Source is reflected off the domed ceiling
And redirected down into the ionosphere

The Source is the Axis of the Universe

Noble gases in the upper atmosphere respond to the electrical charge

The sun is mostly helium
And the moon is mostly krypton

Krypton is used in flash photography
And the moon is an artificial composite of light
With obscuring distortions

It is a dielectric with negative polarity
And the craters are not meteoric impacts

Astronauts are actors and nothing more

The sun has a positive charge

The former sun was Saturn

The planets are used as portals
Portals are electromagnetic vortexes

Entities from other dimensions have gone through portals
And invaded our realm

Reptilians entered via underground tunnels

But their vibration does not match the frequency here

And as the frequency in our realm increases
The harder it is for them to stay
Even in their robotic and synthetic human suits

Their situation is becoming desperate

That is why they seek to change our world!