Do not be looking for love
Feel love and you will attract it to you

Your inner state of the mind
Connects to the outside world

Your personality creates your personal reality
Your consciousness writes the frequency of your next experience

Your elevated emotion is the carrier
You have to have an emotional charge

When faced with a brilliant opportunity
Disguised as an impossible situation
Say to yourself
What would greatness and goodness do in this circumstance

People do not come into your life by accident
You install the program that your computer brain processes

Remind yourself of who your true essence
Tell yourself what you will experience

Your pineal gland will project your mental images onto the quantum field
The universe will read it and send back a comparable transmission

There is a profound unity and harmony that underlies the fabric of our reality
And is the building blocks which underpin the nature of our physical domain

It lays hidden within remarkable mathematical constructs
And behind the geometrical designs of the dynamic and transformative principles of plasma

The cube tetrahedron icosahedron octahedron and dodecahedron unveil the microcosm
Which interconnects with the macrocosm

These platonic solids beckon us to contemplate the profound mysteries of our realm
And to embark on a journey of exploration
Of the boundless possibilities of our existence

As the vortices and sides interchange
They allow for the emergence of reciprocal relationships

Which unveil the infinite intricacies
That are a gateway to the fractal universe
Whose patterns of creation and symmetry unfold endlessly

By tapping into this innate wisdom
We align ourselves with the fundamental order of the universe!