Interacting with people
That are attached to a quantum computer
Will soon be normal

First responders such as
Law Enforcement
And health care workers

Are being pressured to choose
Between their jobs and being vaxxed

They are seeing the side effects first hand

But since their professions are their lives
And money is the biggest factor in decision making
Many will not decline the vaccination

When 5G is activated to a specific frequency
The response will be horrific
As dramatic side effects intensify

There will be panic and rebellion

Many will greatly regret their decision

The ones who refuse
Will be gradually driven from society
As new laws are enacted
And more restrictions applied

Preachers are promoting the vaccine
Putting their livelihood above
The lives of their flock

It is quite a bit to ask someone
To exchange their soul
For material gain

Soon the vaccines will be given
At the Worship Service

After church people go home and watch TV
Believing the reports of overcrowded hospitals
And tents in the parking lot
To treat all the dying victims

As things are ramped up to Warp Speed
The time will come quickly
When there is a distinct division
Between the Vaxed and Unvaxed

But spiritually connected people
Will make a difference!