Alcatraz was a cloning facility
It was known as the Body Farm

It has been moved to a secret underground location

Clones have killed over 72,000 U.S. soldiers

A reptilian hybrid race
Has been installed
And is in power

They are referred to as Dragon Energy

Deep Fake CGI is used
To clean up shapeshifting on TV

The Crooked Cross
Symbolizes selling your soul

1995 was a huge sacrifice of celebrities
Who had sold their soul

Celebrities are typically either
Female to male or male to female

And are a combination of a
Mortal and synthetic humanoid

The Antichrist is set to enter the worlds stage
People will marvel and be in awe of him

5 gold rings signifies the Antichrist

The Statue of Liberty with broken chains
Means the Antichrist is released

The Beast System is a transition to AI
Turning humans into callous machines

The vaccinated are already embedded into the System
They just do not realize it yet