The world is currently experiencing a significant shift in vibration
As we move from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension

The 3rd dimension is the physical world

The 5th dimension is not about losing the physical
It is about embracing the spiritual within
And undergoing emotional and mental cleansing

As we move toward the 5th dimension
Our senses will become heightened to adjust to the new frequencies
And we will possess a potent light that we must learn to use positively

You will become the vortex
That draws toward you your desired experiences
And powers up your inner light and true essence

There will be healing strengthening and restructuring of your energy body
And a joy affiliated with a strong connection to your higher multi dimensional self

You will become more mindful of the energies you welcome into your surroundings
And you will have unwavering certainty of your ability to consciously create

Your mind will be more capable of piercing through the illusions of the ego
And you will no longer identify with your former self

You will view your life from a more expansive consciousness
That encourages self acceptance and understanding of others

You will experience a greater sense of interconnectedness with the universe
And a heightened awareness of the impact of your actions upon others

You will have increased connection to your intuition and inner guidance
And will be acutely aware of what your heart is encouraging you to do

Inner peace will become your new standard and priority
As your emotional state gradually heals from past traumas and dramas

It is time to leave behind insecurities
And step confidently into your inner power

When you vibrate at a higher frequency
You can contain more light
And shine bright with ease

You will go through an upgrade
And eliminate outdated energy templates

You will no longer have a need to hide your authentic self
And it will become increasingly difficult to behave in a way
That is not in alignment with your inner truth

There will be an immediate mutual recognition
When you come across individuals who belong to your soul family

As a fractal being you will stretch beyond the boundaries of your current imagination
And you will witness miracles unfold right before your eyes

You will bridge your physical reality
With countless dimensions that you will exist in

And you will have infinite experiences
In the boundless realms of the cosmos!