In the 1974 movie Zardoz
There are the Eternals and the Brutals

Brutals provide food
For the Eternals
Who live apart
In the Vortex

They lead a luxurious
But aimless existence

Zardoz is a flying object
That collects food
In exchange for weapons

The name Zardoz is short
For the Wizard of Oz
Who fakes power
To control others

The Eternals have lost their humanity
They cannot love
Or even feel

When an Eternal finally dies
Their consciousness is put into
A new synthetic body
Identical to the one they just had

Technology has bred dehumanization

The vaccinated will look upon the Unvaxed
As being mentally deficient

In need of psychological help and counseling
In a reeducation center

The unvaxed will also be seen as infectious carriers
And accused of causing mutations of the virus

But the vaccinated ones
Will lose their free will
And be controlled mentally and physically

Through technology
They will lose their humanity

And will be Mutants!