As CERN was turned up to high
It created green skies
With dark heavy cumulous clouds
Most notably in South Dakota and Utah

The Aurora Borealis lighted up
And appeared in the sky farther south

Green will be the color of the quantum dots
In the micro needle array patch
Of the next round of injections

This will be the Mark of the Beast

Which will also link you to The Cloud

In Jewish Gematria www is 666
The internet will become the Skynet or Cloud

Because of the graphene particulates
Injected into the bloodstream
The connection will become fixed

People will become trapped
As they live in self delusion
Based on their beliefs

It will be like the movie Pleasantville
Where the characters get stuck in a TV program
And try to find their way out

An upcoming fake variant
Will be said to be highly contagious

Announcements will be made

All citizens will remain indoors
A curfew is in effect
Stay in your homes

The micro needle array patch
Will be delivered to all places of residence

The ones who refuse it
Will be thought of as insane
By those who inject themselves

They then will be allowed to go out
And participate in society

The future is not set in stone
Our beliefs determine our resonance

Our resonance determines our ability
To handle higher frequencies

Which gives us the ability
Not to be trapped in Pleasantville!