Everything flows from your vision
Your vision is the promise of what one day you shall at last unveil
The highest vision of a soul an angel will stir

Cultivate your vision with love based thoughts in the garden of your mind
Express a joyous blissful journey of actualizing your potential
Your potential includes infinite love

Remain in the state of fulfilled desire with your vision
And bring it forth from the infinite world of imagination

Any friction is from uncertainty and insecurity
Emotions stem from beliefs and interactions mirror what you are thinking

There is a congruence of resonance with people and with the environment
Wherever you go and whoever you meet surround yourself with love
And your situations will reflect accordingly

Others play the theatre in your life
And you play the theatre in other peoples life

Dare to assume you are what you want to be
And you will compel others to play their part

Resonate with a positive concept of yourself
When you love yourself on a high level you find your soul

Make your visualized ideal beautiful and grand
It will have to be in your imagination
Before it will appear anywhere else

Eternity is in you
Energy is all around
And all minds are interconnected

All thoughts emotions and desires are accompanied by vibration
Hold your desire firmly in your mind and you will bring it nearer to you

See the details of your vision unfolding before you
Become conscious of the manifestation of what you will to be

The world will bring forth your vision
By playing it out in theatre

The motion on the outside is under compulsion from the inside
From your imagination
The way we imagine the world to be determines how it will appear

The universe whispers to us through intuition
And guides our choices that align with a greater harmony

As we dance in tune with this silent symphony
Our thoughts will take form

The universe was thought into existence before it was a material fact
And so your world is a product of your imagination and vision!