We are in a consciousness pen
Of a human slavery system
Where the majority are consumed by a fear of poverty

We are classed into an unnatural caste system
And have become puppets for the puppet masters
Where a person can be led to commit nearly any immoral action

In this 3D system of materialistic mind control
We become spiritually disconnected and lose empathy for others

In this fraudulent set of beliefs we place little or no value on life
As the genocide of animals and the human unborn continues

The sacrifice of children goes unabated
In the mansions and meeting places of the elite

The sellout of the human race has been easily accomplished through greed

Dark forces seek those who fall prey
To their personal indulgences and addictions
Leading to their rapid spiritual decline

When materialistic goals are our primary objective
It will dominate our perception and behavior

We need to transform our personal values
Not neglecting our spiritual selves nor the lives of others

We need to resonate with good intent
And interact with high frequency

Align yourself to goals that are soul worthy
The Universe will support you

Expand your personal authenticity
And you will feel connected to all life

You will then not want to eat others
Abort others
Or ignore others

When you place value on life
The quality of your life will increase

When you are in service to the larger whole
More life forces are available to you

Happiness is an attitude that we can create!