The medical system wants us sick
The banking system wants us in debt
The educational system wants us naive
The religious system does not want to show us our divinity
The media does not want to pursue journalistic truth

Fake history and fake news control our reality

When we are not told the truth
It invalidates and stifles our inner guidance
And heart based intuition

Esoteric symbols printed on money
Claim homage to the time of the alien invasion
That subjected humanity into indentured servants

Money circulates exchanges of energy

Hierarchal systems of control
Are based on who has the money

Alien control systems needed a human ruling class
To carry out their enslavement program

They have been rewarded with massive financial and corporate monopolies
And access to unbelievingly large amounts of cash

They also convert war and suffering into massive profits

They have taken on a Semitic identity
And aligned themselves with a Hebrew origin

But Semites are Middle Eastern
And Aryans are the true Hebrews

It is obvious from excessive mining
That our resources are being hoarded

Exorbitant excesses of wealth
Are funneled to the power elite
And to their alien controllers

The prominent players on the stage today
Are the descendants of the ones who sold their souls
To the alien agenda

They are gatekeepers
But the masses hold them in high esteem

If or when the masses wake up
They will lose their power

It is all a Truman Show
Where someone pretends to be the good guy
And another pretends to be the bad guy

It is as fake as professional wrestling

The leaders are entities

We live in a death cult

And we are participating in it
As low level members!