To put someone under a spell or trance
You need to first disrupt their state of being
And shift them into a moment of confusion

Then interject a new narrative
To replace their old thought pattern

Fear puts you off balance
It changes your frequency

It is a perfect time to bombard with an idea
In order to cast a hypnotic spell

Because it is easier to consume something
That you vibrate with

A spell was cast during 911
And now anther big one has been delivered
Producing a metaphoric rendition of reality

The English language is full of spells

And we are in an illusion within a simulation
Which has been parked in our minds

Lunatics have taken over the asylum
Bringing everyone down

We are a stream of data
Creating patterns from geometric projections
According to our perceptions

An increase of self awareness refines your thinking
And controls your energy

Which is modified according to how we interpret and integrate incoming energy

We limit ourselves
By adding to imbalance

The trap is our perception

We are being kept in a lower frequency
Sedated asleep and selfish

Do not treat any being in this reality
Other than the way you want to be treated

Because this intelligent automated system
Which we call our universe
Creates simulated versions of reality
According to our thoughts

Breeding chaos will come back to us
And will manifest a more rigid matrix

Access higher planes of consciousness
And break free from this control program!