Imagination is reality from which you are free to choose
How life appears now and how it goes forth
Regardless of what appeared in the past

One can only allow themselves to appear dependent to an external aspect
Through their own held beliefs

If you surrender your free will to a belief of neediness
It will result on being dependent on others reaction

You will then experience them as an appearance
Of outer manipulation or control

When you are in flow and immersed in the current of life
You realize your desires automatically
Beyond neediness or external approval

Identify with love and happiness
Express them in all the environments you are in

This will result in all these different environments rearranging ideally
To reflect the ideal state which you are in

If you want blissful relationships
It is all about accepting yourself

Self condemnation based beliefs of shame
Will restrict the release of your desires

And you will unnecessarily inflict yourself of intense emotions
That are unpleasant and uncomfortable

Doubt will bring control based appearances
And you will realize resistance to fulfillment

Disempowerment and chaos simply reveal what is hidden
Which is restrictive subconscious beliefs that result in unnecessary suffering

Do not give energy to any belief that does not promote your true authentic self
Your true self is blissful joyful and happy
They are actualized through the mere acknowledgement of them

How you truly desire to appear is how you truly are
Realize you are whole complete and fulfilled
And you have everything already

Suggest to yourself the release of unpleasant and undesirable emotions
When you press stop on those unwanted subconscious programs
You will actualize your goals and desires automatically and ideally!