We exist in an illusion based upon what we are told
We have fake wars fake leaders and a fake history

We prostrate ourselves at the feet of so called experts
Who are nothing but pseudo scientists hashing out lies
In order to promote themselves

Everywhere we see the shattered remains of former cultures
And the former outline of once thriving cities
We see melted mountainsides and melted rock formations

We find fossils of animals and humans
Explained away as the result of millions of years of burial
But can simply be the momentary outcome of intense electrical energy

Mohenjo Daro and the Indus Valley were reduced to a disintegrated fragment of their former glory
There are fossilized people in the streets holding hands as they look upward
Bracing themselves as they huddled together

The death star is described as a dark undetected star
Which periodically orbits close to the earth
And wreaks havoc and destruction upon our domain

Could it be that the death star is actually an advanced technology not of this world
And that it can focus plasma of high magnitude
Able to unleash a pre planned apocalypse

The moon is such an object
It now sends out low frequency vibrations to keep us in a low vibrational state

The moon is portrayed as a planetoid 239,000 miles away
But we can see surface features with our naked eyes

Lights can sometimes be seen to emanate from the moon
They are called transient lunar phenomenon

What they really are
Are the lights of a spacecraft

A blue column of light is also detected at various times
It is the shooting of a light beam by a sophisticated machine
It can shoot rays of energy at the sun causing large solar outbursts

The moon is not in ancient myth
It is a newcomer
What is described as the present moon in myth is only a light projection of a former configuration

When the natural apocalypse of plasma fills our sky
The fake moon will be rendered inoperative
The highly charged celestial electrical field will wipe out the moons artificial circuitry

And our minds will gradually return to a more highly functioning state!