Draco reptilians are in charge of the earth based subterranean reptilians
They do not have emotions or a soul

They alter the life forms they encounter
By inserting their own DNA
And by the experimentation of DNA between other species

They control the human elite
And have put humans in consciousness traps

They use human and animal soul energy to feed off of

Reptilian human hybrids have very little or no empathy
The elite and their ethnic tribal members are also unable to feel for others

Through secret societies they control organizational structures
And shape our value systems

They are pursuing a gradual takeover
That limits their expenditure of energy that they have to generate

They are interceding greatly in the affairs of earths inhabitants
Who are unaware that they have been invaded

They promote the negative ego qualities in humans
Of fear dishonesty and deception

Because people without personal integrity
Are easily corrupted and manipulated

Reptilian AI capture souls
Then mirror an exact replica of them
And project them into a phantom dimension
To be controlled and consumed

The power elite are an alien hybridized group
That rape torture and sacrifice children
To extract their pure soul energy

Slaughterhouses are another way
Soul energy of earths inhabitants is extracted

The hybrid elite run underground military laboratories or MILABS
That experiment with the human genome

The adoration of the Pope or President or almost any leader
Is the adoration of off world entities
And the alien agenda!