To get a clear picture of our true history you have to completely do away with the official narrative.
Electricity has been commonly used throughout the ages.
Our oldest structures the pyramids were electric generators.
They transmitted energy to ornate obelisks of perfect symmetry and other receiving devices.
From there the energy was used to power mechanisms of all sorts including apparatuses that are not a part of our present lives.
It powered amazing edifices such as the Serapeum in Egypt where mind expansion, telepathy, healing and mood elevation and maybe even time travel were practiced by the ancients.
The energy was free, abundant and did not harm the environment.
As the next age progressed the healing pulsations of Saturn waned and the communal spirit which had bonded humans diminished.
The Tartarian Empire with it’s many provinces rose up.
It was a benevolent society, more advanced, ethical and holistic than ours.
Star Forts were built which are not forts at all but huge star shaped circuitry areas.
There are hundreds of these throughout the world in at least 35 countries.
They radiated power from the Earth’s internal energy grid.
The Statue of Liberty is placed on an old Star Fort.
The statue originally radiated light from it’s torch.
It is native to America and to fit the official narrative the torch was extinguished and a story was made-up that the statue was built in France as a gift.
Russia was the center of the imperial Tartarian World with The Kremlin in Moscow as it’s center.
The Books of Nehemiah and Ezra in the Old Testament is supposed to describe the dimensions of the Temple of Solomon.
But it doesn’t.
What it does describe exactly is the dimension, walls, gates, towers and the areas of the Kremlin.
Much of the Old Testament and it’s literature was actually stolen from Tartaria and modified to create a fictional account of the history of Israel.
This was done to sell their religion which placed the converters in positions of power within other countries.
The steps of the temple in Jerusalem are huge.
Intermediate steps have been place so that the average person can walk up the stairs.
The temple was originally built for giants.
Along with the huge steps the doorway is enormous.
Electrical energy was common throughout the Tartarian Empire.
Obelisks not as elaborate as the former ones were erected.
Other energy receivers located on top of temples are called Stupas.
They are usually round shaped but can also be intricately carved statues like the ones at Bora Bidor in Indonesia.
These temples have many elaborate and detailed carvings which are beyond anything that can be done today.
They range from symbolic renderings of the planetary gods to humans engaging in sex in all sorts of positions.
The vibrant energy in these places I’m sure catapulted ones sex life.
Temples, cathedrals and mosques were places of energy production.
They had nothing to do with religion.
Cathedrals equipped with organs reverberated acoustical sounds and transmitted the energy.
Towers of all sorts were built as receiving stations.
Some remain such as the ones in Nepal.
Towers such as Big Ben in London were originally energy transmitters also.
Buildings were equipped with aerial antennae.
Globes were placed under the antennae to amplify the energy.
Magic wands were a common thing.
These scepters were energy conductors and so in a sense could cast spells.
Armour and gauntlets for battle were metallic conductors to reflect the static electricity from energy weapons.
Metallic headdresses and projectiles were worn to pick up vibrant aerial energy.
Because of the coveting of power and possessions energy devices became energy weapons.
The struggle for power intensified. Wars broke out.
The so-called Arc of the Covenant was the original energy weapon.
It was converted from it’s initial purpose as a power generator in the main pyramid at Giza.
The dimensions of the Arc fit perfectly with the empty rose granite box inside the Kings chamber of the great pyramid.
During the medieval Ages there was extensive carnage.
The Inquisition was just a part of the new controllers exerting their power.
The Mayflower was a warship.
The pictures of old ships show that their masts were energy gathering rods so they were electrically powered.
The Titanic was one of these and it was built much earlier than the official date.
It was refitted with smoke stacks to look like a steam ship.
It never sank but emerged soon after as it’s sister ship The Olympic.
The Nazca lines in Peru are huge drawings that were meant to be seen from the air.
There are sketches and pictographs of many cities with an aerial perspective.
Flying vessels were a reality centuries before the Wright Brothers.
The Hindenburg was one in a long line of airships.
It was intentionally destroyed by filling it with flammable gas to promote the idea that they are unsafe.
There are two famous pictures from the 1800’s of airships.
One over Paris and one over San Francisco.
These Zeppelin like aircraft were also used for destruction.
From above, energy weapons were unleashed to incinerate cities and eradicate the citizens.
During the time period between 1811 and 1819 great disasters such as the New Madrid earthquake and the Tambora volcano fell upon the world.
Temperatures plummeted. People had to flee the north because of the extreme cold.
Energy weapons took out whole cities.
They also destroyed pyramids and obelisks and rendered them inoperative.
As seen in pictures in the early 1800’s cities were devoid of people.
The burned out towns in the South were not the result of invading Yankees.
They were destroyed during the 1811-1813 time period.
There is mud filling the streets.
This was the ground acting in response to very high levels of radiation.
The dirt became soft and muddy and oozed up overtaking urban areas similar to what lava does.
Pictures from the middle 1800’s show the digging out of this mud flood in partially buried communities.
Even today one can see buildings with the lower floor and it’s windows beneath ground level.
Some of the recently dug out former streets which are underground are now tourist attractions.
Two that I have visited are in Pendleton, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.
The Paris catacombs are the remains of people killed in the early 1800’s by energy weapons.
Cities across America have a date of conflagration and destruction where most of the old buildings were destroyed:
New Orleans 1788, Detroit 1805, Portland Maine 1866, Philadelphia 1868, St. Paul Minnesota 1871, Chicago 1871 – 10,000 buildings destroyed, Boston 1872, Portland Oregon 1873, Cincinnati 1881, Vancouver Canada 1886, Seattle 1889, Spokane 1889, Houston 1891, Toronto 1904, Baltimore 1904 – 1500 buildings destroyed, San Francisco 1906 – 25,000 buildings destroyed, Wallace Idaho 1910, Butte Montana 1910.
The new controllers want the memory of the old culture removed.
Look more closely at the old buildings in your town.
Evidence of Tartarian work abounds.
Are there old stone buildings with perfect symmetry and remarkable detail?
That may have been converted to a City Hall?
Engineering marvels with marble pillars that are now Federal buildings.
Elaborate and lavishly ornamented buildings in big cities that now have the name of some corporation.
What happened was the free masons came and took control of the free masonry.
Are there statues or towers that seem out of place and are too skilled in craftmanship for the early pioneers?
Old mansions with elegant, efficient and highly elaborate energy radiators that are mistaken for fireplaces?
Are the support pillars of old bridges arc-shaped consisting of big stone blocks?
You can also see remnants of the old culture from large carved stones that are just lying around.
And if they’re tall and smooth on each side maybe they were once obelisks.
Do you ever wonder how towns and cities could spring up so fast in the late 1800’s when America was supposed to be still in Wild West mode?
The truth is the cities were already built.
Only in the later 1800’s did most of these vacant cities get repopulated.
But some areas like The Bronx in New York remained empty and the excuse was urban decay.
Whose the richest and most influential people in your town?
Chances are they had ancestors who were given vast tracks of land because of their connections to the new controllers.
Nepotism is the rule and favoritism is being played out.
The word nepotism is derived from nephew which originally meant the illegitimate sons of the Pope whom had privileges and offices conferred upon them.
Presidents are selected not elected and are all related to each other.
Some of the big cities had expositions soon after their conflagration.
The Chicago and San Francisco expositions in America and the Sydney and Melbourne expositions in Australia are a case in point.
The buildings that didn’t get incinerated or pulverized were presented as new structures rising out of the ashes by lots of men working real hard in a short amount of time.
But modern technology did not build nor is it able to build the grand old structures.
Examples pour in from all over the world such as the opulent Hermitage of St. Petersburg and the Kremlin in Moscow.
As well as cathedrals, mosques, temples, pyramids, towers, aqueducts and star forts.
To keep people in the dark about the energy that surrounds us Albert Einstein was promoted to genius status for this reason.
Nikola Tesla reinvented technology from the Tartarians.
He was put in the spotlight only after these technologies were made available to the public.
We have been conditioned to think a certain way!
We have been programmed to think that the modern age has risen out of degraded backward societies.
When the reverse is a lot more true!
We have been tricked into thinking that we developed from primitive beings and are now highly evolved.
But history is a big farce.
We exist in an illusion believing only what we are told.
Unaware of plans to eradicate the population again.
Our minds are being controlled and we are not even aware of it.
It is like a science fiction story!