A beautiful movie star being hacked up and her baby being cut out of her stomach!
Young teenage girls committing murders at the behest of their leader.
The leader is a long haired wild eyed guitar strumming hippie who has a spell like control over them.
And all the violence and gore happened because he was not given a record deal!
When sensationalism attains an extreme level then it is a good idea to consider the possibility of fraud and deceit.

1967 San Francisco the heart of the hippy movement.

It was the summer of love. Flowers in your hair, sexual openness and the peace movement. Rebellion against a heartless government sending kids to die in an unknown far off country.
As hippies got more popular young people rushed to San Francisco from all over America to join in the fun.
And to protest the war and promote peace.
The Vietnam War though was about profit.
Those who were profiting had to do something.
So the Haight-Ashbury district was inundated with LSD and other drugs straight from the labs of Dow Chemicals.
And Charles Manson moved to Cole Street near the Haight-Ashbury Medical Clinic.
Across the street was the Process Church a known CIA front. Also in the neighborhood was the Straight Theatre at the corner of Haight and Cole in which Abigail Folger was very active.
According to the official story this was where the down and out girls found Charlie who gave them a sense of belonging.
Susan Atkins supposedly was working at a local strip club.
In reality this is where the girls were auditioned for their role and coached for the upcoming Tate Movie.
It was purposely held in San Francisco where these daughters of well-to-do Hollywood insiders could see the hippies first hand and emulate their behavior.

Charles Manson the Wild-Eyed Long-haired guitar strumming singing hippy

Most people do not realize Charles Manson’s father was a Colonel in the military.
His half brother was also a Colonel. His Aunt was married to a Corporal.
And the Manson family is related to British peerage.
Having these connections he was the perfect choice for the role of whacked out hippie leader.
The plot is to have this hippie reject entice Linda Kasabian, Leslie Van Houten, Susan Atkins, Nancy Pitman, Rachel Morse, Sandra Good, Barbara Hoyt, Lynette Fromme, Patricia Krenwinkel and others to follow him.
Even though young girls are attracted to money and fame not a poor 5 foot 3 inch ex-con with no future.

The Spahn Movie Ranch in the Santa Susana Mountains

The Santa Susana Mountains was named by Spanish settlers traveling through the rugged pass. It has big boulders and a rough terrain with many scenic trails.
In the 1940’s George Spahn became owner of a large tract of land in these mountains above the city of Chatsworth in California.
He built a movie set there and it became a favorite place for Hollywood Westerns.
It was also the location of TV shows such as The Lone Ranger and Bonanza.
In 1969 he is supposed to have let a bunch of hippies stay there rent free. He is supposed to have put up with their all night parties and wild behavior in return for sexual favors.
The truth of the matter his movie set was perfect for the young actors to hang out and to use as a prop for the story about a wild hippie guru commanding his followers to commit acts of atrocious murder.

The Manson Family

Leslie Van Houten was a Homecoming Queen. She was very nice looking.
Lynette Fromme won awards in high school for poetry and dancing.
Barbara Hoyt graduated from Redondo Union high school in Santa Monica. She was described as a nice loving person. She dated the future manager of The Doors.
The lead singer of The Doors was Jim Morrison. His father was commander of the USS Maddox that radioed for help saying it was under attack by North Vietnam which started the Vietnam War. We now know that North Vietnam didn’t even have a navy or any naval ships!
Angela Landsbury’s 13 year old daughter was one of the Manson girls. She apparently had a note from her Mom saying it was OK.
There were other underage girls there too. Ruth Ann Morehouse was only 15.
Tex Watson was a nice looking fraternity boy from the University of Texas who had moved to the wealthy neighborhood of Laurel Canyon.
Paul Watkins and Bobby Beausoleil were also nice looking young boys who hung out at the Spahn Ranch.
A school bus was painted black and everybody would climb in and Charlie would drive and they would go around and attract attention.
The news about them staying at the Spahn Ranch spread fast. It became a magnet for runaways and juvenile delinquents.
Motorcycle gangs started dropping by.
Drugs especially LSD became prevalent.
Not only were there parties and drugs but there was nudism. Even porn films were being made!
And for even more fun Manson and ‘his family’ started going out and stealing cars and kidnapping school girls. They knew they were above the law.
Even when they were caught the police did nothing. Nobody got put in jail or sent back to their real families.
They were always returned to the Spahn Ranch.
Even the underage girls were sent back to the Movie Set owned by the 80 year old George Spahn.
And to Charlie Manson who had a police record and was supposed to have sex there with whomever he wanted whenever he wanted.

Helter Skelter

Sharon Tate was a beautiful actress and she starred in horror movies!
She was perfect for the script!
In this horror movie she is supposed to be bludgeoned to death by mind controlled hippies who write Helter Skelter (A Beatles song) on the wall with her baby’s blood.
And most every American actually believes this happened. How easy it is to brainwash the masses.
Sharon’s father Paul Tate was in Military Intelligence. He had just been involved in Operation Gladdio in Italy. Now he oversaw this Operation.
He would dress up as a hippie and spend a lot of time at Spahn Ranch making sure things went according to plan.
The object was to discredit and demonize the hippie movement. The military did not want peace and they are the ones who for financial gain started the war!
The media and the government and the military all have their arms around each other.
In fact Hollywood and the entire entertainment industry is just a subdivision of the CIA.
Sharon Tate drove a red Ferrari. Manson was seen in a red Ferrari in July of 1969.
In reality Manson was well acquainted with Sharon Tate.
He also knew Abigail Folger who was a close friend of the Kennedys.
They met through fund raisers at the Haight Ashbury Medical Clinic and the auditions at the Straight Theatre.
They also met at the home of Cass Eliot.
Rich people would not hang out with an unemployed ex-con loser with no future.
Whom Charlie Manson is supposed to be.
In reality Manson was a rich boy from a privileged background.
He was playing the lead role.
He was the Star!
He was just portraying a hoodlum.

10050 Cielo Drive

Sharon Tate’s house is near the top of a hill overlooking Burbank and Universal City.
Opposite is Laurel Canyon in which there is a secret studio run by the military called Lookout Mountain.
Miles Mathis in his brilliance has cracked many cases including this one. Among his many discoveries he notes that the crime scene at Sharon Tate’s house had cheap furniture and cheap carpet.
The good furniture had been moved out to keep it from being stained with pig’s blood.
He has also shown that the stab wounds are in a certain location in one photograph but in another photograph they are in a different location.
In the official coroners photo there is no knife wounds in Sharon’s midsection where she is supposed to have been stabbed repeatedly.
The so called police photos shows her body still has color and no rigor mortis has set in. The blood should have coagulated.
In one photo her head is on a pillow and she is half smiling.
In other words she is alive!
Wojeiech Frykowski another alleged victim was also in show business. He was a movie producer.
Jay Sebring an actor who appeared in the 1969 Batman movie was president of a record company. His hair salons continued after his ‘death’.
Mathis has shown the pictures of all these so called corpses have been doctored with and faked. If this really happened there would be no need to do that.
Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski were seen in Brazil during the police investigation after the murders.
Actor Christopher Jones moved in to 10050 Cielo drive shortly after the murders.
What occurred was Sharon had moved back home.
She became a younger sister named Patty who had never existed before 1970.
She also ditched Polanski for the handsome young actor.

The Biggest Trial of US History

This trial was longer, more expensive and got more publicity than even the fake OJ Simpson trial!
Pretty young girls dressed up in outrageous costumes that were pulled out of some wardrobe warehouse in Hollywood.
They were singing and chanting at the courthouse as if they were under a hypnotic spell.
A very nice looking police woman in a sexy skirt leads them to the courtroom but she wears the police badge on the wrong side of her shirt!
There was such pre-trial publicity it would have prejudiced all the jurors and any real trial would have resulted in a mistrial.
Manson was denied Habeus Corpus.
The judge allowed a newspaper in court that said – Nixon Declares Manson Guilty!
Also allowed was a Life Magazine article saying – Manson is Guilty!
In a fit of rage Manson leaps out of his seat with a knife lunging towards the judge!
Reading from a script, the prosecuting attorney Vincent Bugliosi announced this was the most savage and nightmarish murder of all time!
Manson’s lawyer Ronald Hughes suddenly goes missing and it is reported that he is found dead.
Everyone who is in on it finds it hard at times to hole back their grins.


Manson kept coming in for fake interviews every few years. As did Leslie Van Houten and Susan Atkins and Lynette Fromme.
Manson would wear a beard, a handkerchief on his head, sunglasses, rings and jewelry.
All of which is not allowed for level 1 prisoners.
They are also not allowed interviews.
He never wears prison clothes.
Truth is he never spent a day in jail!
Tex Watson fathered 4 kids. The official story says that it was the result of conjugal visits. Level 1 prisoners are not allowed conjugal visits.
Manson supposedly got married while incarcerated in a maximum security prison. That is also against California Penitentiary regulations!
The LA Times published his marriage certificate which stated as his place of residence – Santa Barbara, California!

Outcome of Operation Charlie Manson

The ’60’s’ ended on August 9, 1969 when the ‘murders’ hit the papers.
Hippies were now looked upon with suspicion and disfavor.
The entire anti-war movement was dealt a crushing blow!
Pentagon contracts kept enriching the rich as the Vietnam War continued until 1975.
Because of this expansion the CIA was able to take over the Asian Opium market.
In the 80’s they took over the Columbian Cocaine trade calling it the War on Drugs.
Then they inundated inner cities with the highly addictive Crack Cocaine.