The belief that souls return on sundown of the night of October 31 through early November is a universal theme. It is called by different names. Halloween, The Day of the Dead, All Saints Day, Hallow Mass, Witches Night, Samhain, All Souls Day etc. The ancient Celtics would disguise themselves on this day by dressing up as one of the spirits or demons in order not to be noticed by them. Food was left at the door to keep the spirits at bay. In medieval England poor kids would dress up as departed spirits and go door to door offering prayers for the dead in return for a treat. Sometimes they would sing, recite poetry or tell a joke for something to eat.
The elaborate Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead is Dia de los Muertos. It is a combination of Aztec and Catholic ritual. Families go to cemeteries where they pray and play music. They bring flowers (usually Aztec Marigolds), candles, incense, pictures and candies to honor the departed souls. They have parades where they dress up as skeletons known as Santiagos. Skulls (Calaveras) with red eyes are worn. Red masks (Calacas) are also popular. Incense is burned on Altars (ofrendas).
They pay tribute to not only their faithful loved ones but also the martyrs and the saints. They believe the souls reside in Mictlan which is a celestial realm of the underworld the same as the Biblical Sheol. During this festival time the spirit world has access to the material world because the veil between the two worlds has thinned or merged.
A tall pole sometimes 60 feet high is also erected. One person stands on top and is symbolic of the ancient sun. 4 flyers hang from ropes and swing around the pole 13 times in what is called the Dance of the Voladores.
The flyers represent the visible moons flying around Saturn which in former times was the stationary planetary god in the North Pole which everything revolved around. 13 revolutions equaled approximately 50 years. This is the same as the Jubilee of the Old Testament.
The Day of the Dead is celebrated all over Central and South America. In Columbia it is called Dia De Difuntos.
The primeval event of Mars coming towards Earth has been celebrated in many ways although the original meaning has been lost.
Lanterns were used in imitation of the Mars god who carries a light to guide his way. A wick would also be put in a turnip, potato or beet but as the celebration spread to America pumpkins became a better option. In China they put up dragon shaped lanterns to guide the spirits to their destination.
Jack O Lantern got it’s name from the English fairy tale character Jack who was originally the god Mars who went into heaven via a rope or tree. The Way to Heaven which led to the Kingdom of God is represented by The Pole of the Voladores. Other well known symbols of this Road to Heaven are a stairway, ladder, mountain, tower and the Tree of Life with a serpent coiled around it.
These representations were actually an ethereal stream of charged particles emanating down from a stationary Saturn towards Earth.
Bobbing for Apples was originally called Snap Apple. An apple (Mars) was tied on a string. Mars being red was frequently symbolized as an apple and it was the Apple of the Eye (Venus). As Mars drifted down it would deviate horizontally from this linear configuration of planets that made up the Holy Trinity.
The ritual of Samhain was celebrated because the world of the gods was made visible. The Lady of the Moon who is the goddess Venus and the Horned Hunter of the Sun who is Mars also known as the Wild Stag were honored.
All Hallow Mass pays homage to all that were considered holy. The practice of consuming a god (Mass or Eucharist) goes back to the time when Osiris was partitioned into 14 pieces. Cakes symbolizing the body of Osiris were consumed. Nimrod the builder of the Tower of Babel was also cut up into 14 pieces. Both Osiris and Nimrod were names for Mars. And now Jesus who was given the attributes of Mars is ceremoniously eaten also.
These beliefs, customs and festivals have their origins in the heavens during the former age of gods and wonders. Celestial luminaries hovered close to our world and would appear frighteningly large. Being charged plasma they would cause electromagnetic apparitions and were a source of marvel and dread.
The ancient Druids would perform sacrifices on the Day of the Dead.
The practice of sacrifice started as Mars returned to Heaven and became darker taking on a sickly appearance. The vertical stream of charged particles was intersected by a horizontal radiant flow emanating from Venus and formed a cross. It looked like Mars (the Son of God) was dying on the cross. And that the Father God (Saturn) was sacrificing his only begotten son. But then at the top (the Mount of Transfiguration) close to Venus, Mars became bright again.
This was the celestial prototype of Jesus in the lap of Mary.
The smaller size of Mars farther away from Earth made it seem like a youth who had been reborn. Who had been raised from the dead. Matthew 18:3 says: Except ye become as a little child you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.
On the Day of the Dead or All Hallow Mass, human sacrifices were the main feature. It was a Mass sacrifice. The burning of bones originally pronounced bone fire became bonfire.
The practice of sacrificing your first born was common. Isaac was going to sacrifice Jacob until ‘God’ said that he could sacrifice a lamb instead. Later the first fruits of crops were offered up in the place of animals.
2017 and 2018 are regarded as the next Jewish Jubilee years. 51 years ago in 1967 Israel took control of Jerusalem. 50 years before that in 1917 Palestine was taken away from Turkish control in the Balfour Declaration.
These festivals with celestial origins are now being tied to ‘signs in the heavens’ which are occurring now.
In Revelation 12 a woman is clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet. She has 12 diadems (stars) above her. The constellation Leo is above Virgo and has 3 planets and 9 major stars. The woman in Revelation 12 is the constellation Virgo. She gave birth to Jupiter in 2017 which had been in retrograde motion in Virgo for 41 weeks. And the son of Jupiter is being referred to as Comet 67P which we are told appeared 50 years ago. It’s passing through Virgo is a signal heralding the next Jubilee.
Zodiacal signs are actually ancient mythological themes. These constellations are fabricated. Just artwork.
Micah 5:3 says She who is in travail shall bring forth a son who will rule.
Malachi 4:5 says Elijah the forerunner of Christ will come before the great and terrible day of the Lord.
As the ancient people eagerly anticipated the return of Mars so now the coming of Jesus is ardently looked forward to.
After being in retrograde motion for 41 weeks Jupiter exited Virgo on 9-23 in 2017. 9-23 in the Lunar calendar is October 31 in the Gregorian calendar.
In 2017 the Feast of Tabernacles was on the 14th day of the month of Tishri in the Hebrew calendar which is 9-23 in the Lunar calendar.
In 2018 the Eve of Sukkot is on 9-23 in the Hebrew calendar. The Eve of Sukkot is a very important day for Israel. It is the 70th anniversary of Israel becoming a nation. It is the next festival that is yet to be fulfilled.
In Genesis 18 God promised Jacob that Sarah will bear a son in a year. In the same way in a year between the 2017 Feast of tabernacles and the 2018 Eve of Sukkot a ‘Son’ will appear.
The Feast of Trumpets will then take place. Trump and Pence = Trumpets.
On 9-23-17 President Trump referred to the coming year as the ‘Calm Before the Storm’.
On 10-3-18 the Presidential alert was given. It lasted for 30 minutes. It was actually a 30 day warning for November 2,2018.
The future is being told through cryptic meanings.
9-23 has also been seen in many TV shows.
Novem means 9 in Latin and is the ninth month in the original Roman calendar. March (named after Mars) was the first month and the New Year was celebrated for the coming of the savior god Mars.
The Early Roman calendar had 304 days and 10 months. Then many new calendars came out. These changes were initiated because the order in the heavens had changed. The Julian calendar was proclaimed the official calendar of Rome by Julius Caesar. The Gregorian calendar which we use now was a refinement of the Julian calendar. It was made official by Pope Gregory X111.
9 is also the number of judgement.
9-23 could then mean November 2nd and 3rd in the Gregorian calendar. Or it might mean November 23.
9+2+3=14. 14 is the perfect number of God as he was divided up into 14 pieces.
9-23 could also symbolize the time of day of the coming destruction. 9 to 3 means 9 PM to 3 AM.
The Chinese year of Wu Xu is in 2018 and is the Year of the Dog. The 11th month in the Chinese Lunar calendar is Xu or the month of the dog. It ends on November 6 in the Gregorian calendar.
As with Chinese custom of fireworks, these spectacular explosions are displayed as a part of the Day of the Dead festivities on November 2. They imitate the arrival of Mars.
What is happening is astronomical occurrences and Biblical themes are being played together as forerunners to manufactured cataclysmic events. The timing of these events will happen on festival days which celebrate the frightening aspects of the ancient primeval order.
Sometime in November fissure 8 at Kilauea will erupt at 9 PM Hawaii time Kilauea will erupt. A tsunami will occur hitting not only Hawaii but soon afterward Tokyo.
Waves from the falling of the Hilina Slump, a 5 thousand cubic mile section on the south side of Kilauea will cause a tsunami on the U.S. West Coast. Also the San Andreas fault as well as the Cascadia Subduction Zone could be triggered. 9 PM Hawaiian time is midnight West Coast time. 100 foot waves are possible. They will reach California in the early hours in November.
Almost simultaneously there will be a tsunami hitting the East Coast. New York City will be especially hit hard. 9 PM Hawaiian time is 3 AM East Coast time.
The tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean will also reach London. The waves might reach as high as Big Ben.
This will initiate a series of events. Financial collapse, food shortages, power outages, Fema Camps, Martial Law and Government takeover.
The Persian Gulf will be closed as well as the Red Sea and Suez Canal. Oil shipments will cease. Transportation will be affected greatly.
World War 3 will start. For the first time in history the USA will lose.
Revelation 18 says Fallen Fallen is Babylon the Great. Babylon is America.
Daniel 8:5 says the ram (America) has two horns which might signify both the USA and England.
Daniel 9:11 states that God says he will destroy our cities.
Daniel 9:25 says a prince will appear.
Many movies over the years deal with tsunamis.
A wave hitting New York is pictured on the back of a 100 dollar bill.
At Disneyworld the show at Tomorrowland presents a great tsunami.
The Blue Wave of 2018 is a tsunami.
That’s the way it has been planned out. That’s how it’s been arranged. This is how the New World Order will come into being. A one world government with one religion. Order out of Chaos.
Luke 12:10 For the Son of Man will come at a time when you think not.