What are the chances for an average person to win a state or national lottery?
When the big jackpots are announced desperate multitudes rush to stand in line for the pipe dream of striking it rich!
Of becoming an instant millionaire!
But I’ll tell you right now these lotteries are more fixed than professional wrestling.
The first recorded lottery took place in Genoa, Italy in the 1500’s.
It was the custom to gather 90 candidates for the Senate.
5 names were drawn randomly and they were the next Senators.
For one Pistole a person could enter 5 names and if those were the names of the ones who were drawn that person would win a cash prize.
When the citizens started to realize that the Senators were chosen beforehand (as what happens today) and it was all a big scam the lottery was discarded.
All over Europe lotteries became a way levying extra taxes upon the citizenry and having them feel good about giving away their money.
The excuse for lotteries was to raise money for some public works.
Similar to today in saying that it helps fund education.
But the ‘lottery officials’ always confiscated as much lottery money as they could.
Colonial America was no different.
In 1615 Jamestown, Virginia started a lottery.
Saying that the money was going to help convert the natives it was sold to the new citizens as ‘an act of charity that would save the soul of a savage’.
As people kept fleeing to America to escape taxation and the tyrannical rule of European oligarchies they became resolute in their belief that this was the land of the free and would not acquiesce to governments in the New World demanding money from them.
So as cities were formed the local city governments established lotteries as a means of taxation.
In the 1700’s Philadelphia had a lottery where you could buy a ticket for 20 Schillings.
The random winner was to receive a house on the corner of Third and Arch streets.
Private lotteries as well as public lotteries grew.
Sometimes the private lottery officials would just take off with the money.
As it became more and more obvious that the public lotteries were scams the call to make all lotteries illegal grew.
Corruption got so bad that most every state banned them sometime in the 1800’s.
Louisiana was an exception.
This same state even started the first national lottery.
Louisiana lottery officials became excessively wealthy and their lottery scam was eventually banned.
Then in 1964 New Hampshire reinstated the lottery.
In the 1970’s a few other states joined in and during the 1980’s and 1990’s the number of states with lotteries grew to 44.
State lotteries had replaced city lotteries.
This was also the time the national lotteries came into play.
The new lotteries tried to show their legitimacy by having winning numbers chosen by ping pong balls being sucked up in an air tight container.
At first the drawings were on TV to make people think everything was on the up and up.
But the chosen numbers were weighted differently than the rest of the balls and the desired lighter balls always came up first.
In the beginning helium was injected into the desired balls by a hyperthermic needle.
But the chosen balls jumped up so quickly it was obvious they were of lighter weight.
So what they did was inject all the other balls with a heavier gas namely radon so they would stay down and the chosen balls without any injected gases would come up first but not so fast.
Now of course they don’t even bother showing the drawings on TV.
The excuse is that the numbers are chosen ‘randomly by a computer’.
In 2012 Eddie Tipton a lottery official whose official position is Security Director for the Multi State Lottery Association was caught red handed rigging the numbers after he had won the jackpot 5 times (but probably more).
Lottery officials tried to explain it away as a rogue employee that somehow was able to change the computer algorithms.
They said that they now have cleared up the matter and everything is legit.
The naïve and gullible public believed them.
At the present time they have a very sophisticated way of cheating.
The computers are rigged to pick certain numbers beforehand but if someone else happens to choose those same numbers the computer automatically changes a number.
The insider who is picked to win is notified to go buy this new set of numbers.
No one has any clue that this takes place.
This is why the jackpot is millions of dollars but if you miss one number the payout is only a few thousand dollars.
This swindle is not only going for Powerball and Mega Millions but for every state lotto and their pick 4 and pick 3 games.
A non-insider literally has no chance to win the lottery.
Except for the small cash payouts.
People are not going to resist grabbing free money if they can get away with it.
In this world where money rules everything and life is just one big mad dash for cash, people are going to be willing to lie, cheat and steal for money.
All lotteries are rigged!
Computers are easy to manipulate.
Lottery frauds are big business!
Sometimes even the scratch-off game delivery people get wind of what card number is the winner.
They devise a plan where they are the ones who get that card.
The really big scratch-off jackpots are probably just fabrications.
The names of jackpot winners are usually not publicized.
But if they are you can bet they are fictitious names.
If the lucky person is actually who they say they are then you can also bet that they have connections to the lottery officials.
The TV shows of lottery winners are just a promotional tactic.
They are made-up.
They are a sales ploy deceiving the public.
People in the government are in on it.
Lotteries are all about lying and stealing.
It has always been that way!