A pandemic
That will cause an economic crash
Was needed to roll out
The Quarantine System
And the new Digital Currency Libra

People will demand a vaccine
And most will take it without question

But the vaccine will be a identification mechanism
That hooks you to the new cryptocurrency
Which will be announced by the new one world leader

People will greatly admire him
For fixing the world’s economy
But he will be the Anti Christ

The delivery mechanism for the Corona virus
Will be micro needles held in place by hydrogels
Forming a patch that is easily applied without pain

But it will inject foreign DNA
Which will replicate and form a new sequence
A third strand

This will be done after
The cells are opened up by radiation from 5G

It will be for DNA modification for the human race

The needles will dissolve in the skin
And leave a tattoo
This will be the Mark of the Beast

The future will be
New humans

In a
New World System