TV’s have a cathode ray tube
Which pulses radio frequency technology
That carries subliminal messages
Into the watcher

The name of the game is to get ones mind
To consent to a vaccine
Which will change ones DNA

For the purpose of having a DNA and computer interface

Not only the sequence of DNA will be changed
But so will the electron spin
To match the electron spin of the computer
And become quantum entangled

The quantum supercomputer which is a tenth generation 600 cell tetrahedron
Will than gather information from ones DNA

The vaxxed will also be linked to the Blockchain
Which will serve as ones bank
A cashless society is scheduled to be implemented by 2024

People are trusting the ones who are lying
The ones who upon initiation hold a severed head
And have a dagger pressed against their chest

The severed head represents the Medusa which was cut off by Perseus
The Medusa is Venus discharging at high volume
And Perseus with his sword is Mars

Freemasons are the ones lying about the Space Station
To hide the fact that technology has gone far beyond that

They disguise abortion as the right to choose
Because they use the babies in their rituals

California babies now can be aborted after birth

These babies are also used for food
For their reptilian overlords

The Natural Laws of God are being distorted

All choices have intentions which have consequences
Which then become amplified
And alters our dimension!