On Tonga there is a lost city called Mu’a with an ancient pyramid
On Tonga-Toba there are immense stone arches
On Rapa Iti there is a pyramid shaped tower
In the Mariana Islands there are 20 foot high truncated pyramids
On Tinian Island there are two long rows of large stone pillars
And in the Ladrones there are remarkable Cyclopean structures
The whole island of Lele is a series of megaliths
On Strongs Island there are canals and ruins
at Nuku Hiva there are massive platforms of enormous basalt blocks
There are Tikis on Marquesas Islands
No matter where you go:
Palau, Tapiteau, Swallows Island, Metallanine Island, Navigator Island, Pohnpei Island, Easter Island
You will find remnants of the ancient empire of Lemuria!