Your reality is a mirror image of what is within you
When you project you reflect another version of you into the quantum matrix
It becomes a reality hologram that you crystallize into matter

Sequences in your DNA hold other realities
Geometrical codes create a pulsation
Codes are activated by sound waves
Numbers have a frequency resonance which create sound

At your birth star quadrants imprint a genetic energy pattern
You project into your experience what your energy sequences compel you

Emotion from thought connects to your subconscious which is an extrapolation of your DNA
Which becomes the blueprint of your hologram that surrounds you
Your hologram is a quantum structure

We live in a matrix of sequences emanating vibrational sound
Your thoughts words and emotions connect you to similar wave form vibrations
Within the magnetic sequence matrix

Sovereignty and freedom manifest as neuroplasticity reconstructs light wave sequences
To more coherent signal waveforms
Waveforms activate proteins that build cells
Proteins are made by your body with amino acids

We come here to experience holographic realities for expansion
To understand darkness and light
To override negative holograms with new frequencies
It is like a virtual reality game

Your belief system will keep manifesting in your hologram
Do not run on the program from the negative structure
Accumulate positive sequences of sound wave vibrations
And project those synapse transmissions into your reality

When you are manipulated into believing lies you create for yourself karma
If you are unbalanced with incorrect beliefs
Entities will break past your magnetic barrier
And seek to sustain your false reality

Know that you are a powerful vibrating force
That you are the creator of your destiny

You are a beautiful and precious being interacting with light and sound
Your DNA holds God Consciousness

Resonate with frequencies of the heart
And you will see your inner light surrounding you!