There are 118 visible pyramids in Egypt
With many more under the sand

The most famous and biggest is the Great Pyramid of Giza
It has 8 sides and is a mathematical and geometrical wonder piece

It is an electromagnetic couplet which takes energy from the earth
And directs it to other locations

It had a capstone of electrum which is mainly gold silver and copper mixed with other metals
Surrounded by a gold coat

The capstone or pyramidions of other pyramids have also been removed
The Red Pyramid which is a mile north of the Great Pyramid has its capstone sitting at its bottom
The Black Pyramid which is one of originally 11 pyramids at Dasher Egypt
Has its capstone in the Cairo Museum

The Great Pyramid also had megalithic white limestone and marble stones as its covering
The top of the rose quartz stone box in the Kings Chamber is gone
Its dimensions is the same as the Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant is described in the Book of Exodus as being very electrically volatile
And was used as a weapon

The majority of Egyptian pyramids have a melted appearance in some form
And is described as from weathering

But it is obviously the result of high energy weaponry
Meant to render the pyramids inoperable

If we had a working pyramid it would be obvious that our past was one of high technology
Like science fiction only real
And not the crazy history we are indoctrinated with

There are pyramids on the ocean floors
There are pyramids in Antarctica
And hundreds more in Mexico and Central and South America

There is an underground pyramid in Alaska
Which is twice as big as the Great Pyramid of Giza

It is called the Dark Pyramid and is between Nome and Mt McKinnley
Entrance ways are heavily guarded
It is part of the Alaska Triangle in which many people go missing every year

The Dark Pyramid is in a system of complex tunnels
That are a part of the Hollow Earth

It is a functioning pyramid and if it was brought to light
Peoples minds would be opened
Which is what the ruling elite do not want

They do not want us to resonate
With a higher consciousness!