George Orwell wrote his classic book 1984 in the 1950’s describing how society will become totally controlled by the year 1984.
Edgar Cayce predicted massive earth changes in the year 2000.
The year 2018 according to the CIA made Pet Goat 2 video released in 2012 was supposed to be the year that America would be devastated.
But the USA keeps plugging along.
As science keeps moving forward though it will be easier to implement these nightmarish scenarios.
Weather manipulation is the starting point.
Here’s how the weather is being controlled:
1 Ionospheric heaters
2 Chemical release or cloud seeding
3 Energy channeling lasers
4 Cloud ionizers
5 Stratospheric aerosol injection
6 Sun shading
7 Cloud brightening
8 Trapping of heat which is melting the ice in Antarctica and the North Pole
9 Water vapor creation via cooling towers
10 Floating mobile weather control platforms
We now see hurricanes instantly become Category 1 size.
They do dramatic 90 degree turns
And they all of a sudden stop dumping enormous amounts of rain
The manifestation of nightmarish events is also from space based laser weaponry
Lasers are strapped on high speed military aircraft. They strike in the middle of the night and targets are instantaneously incinerated.
Disguised as the result of climate change due to fossil fuel use huge flames with apocalyptic fury come out of nowhere.
No warning. No storm front. No lightning.
Winds suddenly reach 80 miles per hour.
Families frantically rush out of bed grabbing their pets.
Appliances and granite counters melt as the houses get vaporized leaving no trace of the occupants.
Steel framed buildings are dissolved. Steel has a melting point of 2750 F. No ordinary fire gets that hot.
Cars are disintegrated.
Many trees around the burnt areas are left intact. That is because laser weaponry has pin point accuracy.
High frequency directed energy weaponry produces beams of microwaves which ionize the targeted path sending out a powerful current somewhat similar to lightning.
This ability to create abrupt, intense and rapid acceleration of charged particles can lead to what is called a high altitude electromagnetic pulse or EMP.
An EMP is silent and can travel at the speed of light. It will penetrate walls from miles away and has virtually unlimited capacity. Since it is almost undetectable by the casual observer it can be denied by the user and blamed on somebody else.
An EMP with it’s high velocity charged particles will lead to power outages and create a blackout. It will fry electronics, appliances and anything with wires. Cars will be stopped in their tracks. Computers destroyed. Banks will shut down. Cell phones will not work. The distribution of food will cease and supermarket shelves will become empty within a few days.
With this in mind the Department of Defense has a comprehensive plan to deal with the hordes of hungry and diseased during civil unrest.
It is called Con Plan 8888. It has 31 pages and it goes into great detail, specifically differentiating between radiation zombies from nuclear fallout and diseased zombies.
The military does drills using citizens dressed up and acting like zombies.
Operation Gotham Shield simulated an EMP blast over New York City.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has a zombie preparedness program with a quarantine of the sick and hungry.
They are anticipating a real life Night of the Living Dead.
This is why there are now purportedly over 800 FEMA Camps in the United States. Almost 300 Wal-Mart stores have been shut down and converted into FEMA Camps. Abandoned warehouses and malls have also been chosen as makeshift relocation and internment sites. Places are preferred that are next to railroad tracks.
Many victims of Hurricane Harvey from Houston in 2017 were placed on Fema barges.
The flooding and forced evacuation was a dry run for manufactured future events.
Even pastors are forced to go along with FEMA in order to keep their 501C3 tax exempt status. They have to sign documents as to what they can or cannot say. When a staged catastrophe hits and Martial Law is declared they have to urge people to report to a FEMA Camp. They are supposed to act like secret police and report anybody who resists.
The USA has already been divided into 10 FEMA regions. You will need a special passport to travel into each region.
Some TV shows and movies such as Geo Storm are subliminally preparing our minds for these events using predictive programming.
Cascadia Rising was a drill for a major earthquake along the Cascadia fault line in the Pacific Northwest with a mass evacuation scenario. It involved rounding up people and putting them in vacated and transformed buildings.
Project Megiddo was a training exercise simulating resettlement operations by the military corralling dissidents come the Apocalypse and detaining them in internment camps.
Jade Helm was a drill in Texas preparing for Martial Law.
Draconian legislation has been passed allowing government takeover of everything in times of a National Emergency.
UN troops will be called in as they are more likely to enforce these things than US troops and police.
When a laser is projected against a reflective screen such as the chemtrail filled sky has become it will send back images producing holograms.
Project Blue Beam is a big optical illusion show with sounds using low frequency waves.
An apparition of a celestial city was created in China.
A fake asteroid hitting the Earth was accomplished in Russia in 2013.
Possible plans include an asteroid bombardment, a fake alien invasion and the second coming of Jesus complete with a phony rapture.
It is in the works for everyone to chipped like in the Manchurian Candidate. Except no one will require a phone call because messages can be implanted directly to the microchip from an external source.
The person will not even be aware of this and will even believe their god is talking to them.
Personal behavior traits, individuality, artistic creations and independent thought will be considered the old way of thinking.
Food and other commodities will only be able to be purchased using the chip implant.
Those who refuse to be chipped will go to re-education centers.
If they try to hide they will be tracked down by autonomous weaponry such as robots or flying drones.
Flying drones now have the capability to navigate terrain and hunt with ruthless efficiency.
Is America the Biblical whore of Babylon?
Fallen Fallen is Babylon the Great
She has lived in luxury and pleasure
That will now be matched with torments and sorrows
The pangs of mourning and famine and death shall overtake her in a single day
And she shall be utterly consumed by fire
The world leaders who took part in her immoral acts and enjoyed her favors will stand far off and cry Alas Babylon In one hour your judgement has come
The merchants of the Earth shall stand at a distance and weep and mourn for her for there is no one left to buy their goods
And the sound of music will not be heard in thee
And the craftsman will not be working
No more milling of the grain
The light of the lamp shall not shine
And no more shall be heard the voice of the bride and the bridegroom
There is though the good side of people.
Hopefully that will rise to the fore.
And keep America great!