Humans have been in a consciousness prison
Because of our newly inscribed status
As a farming territory

We have a valued and coveted genetic makeup
With many abilities and possibilities
As well as emotional senses

Our soul layers which are now in 3D timelines
Can connect to 4D 5D 6D energies and higher
Resulting in a color wave spectrum
That connect to future dimensions

When soul layers sink into lower layers of perception
They enter a danger zone of becoming fixed
In an artificial phantom matrix
Dissolving into dark chaotic shadow bodies

And when a soul is fragmented
Through a trauma or explosive event
It needs to be reattached to continue evolution
Through the cosmic time matrix

When matter reorganizes and becomes less dense through plasma influx
It alters the Merkaba rate of spin
Affecting future timelines and dissolving death seals
Freeing life that is stuck in dense matter
Enabling a shift into another state of consciousness and another reality

If you grasp the mass consciousness dreamscape of our existence
You can rewrite your movie script
That resulted from the impressions of thought forms
Of lower dimensional timelines of the energy field

By moving back and forward in time as an observer
With a higher and more compassionate consciousness
You can release negative events imprinted on your mind

Bringing the eternal light to illuminate the shadows of darkness
Reflecting higher truths as this eternal light shines upon you

Resonating empathetic healing of your Crystal Diamond heart
That was connected to the Universal Architecture
And the Earth Grid which has its center at Giza

Reconstructing your Solar Gateway to the sun
That transmits eternal soul energy to humanity

Which was disconnected and which would eventually expire
When the architecture of the Source System was dismantled

But now is being resurrected
With the incoming cosmic surge of Source Power

Solar consciousness frees imprisoned souls stuck in time
Repairing our DNA
Which is the embodiment of the silicate matrix

Soul memories and higher consciousness is being restored
Moving us out of the lower dimensional band of 3D earth timelines

Higher thoughts creating a new reality
Is like rows of energetic flowering crystals
In a massive morphogenetic field of blossoming roses

That have the beauty of a blue sapphire diamond
With white and gold flames
Producing heart tones of healing
Of peach cream color

These are incredible times of transformation
That will impact all that we have ever known!