In places like Siberia Alaska Malta
And Hot Springs South Dakota

Animals have been entombed in bitumen
Petrified in rock
And inverted into limestone

Layers of calcified sediment went through their bodies
They were burned and buried in ice and mud
Covered in broken up flora and splintered trees

It was instantaneous and horrific
Electrical disturbance could only do this

These areas are now radioactive and have nano diamonds

There are 84 species of animals at the South Dakota site
They include Giant Bison Mammoths Giant Sloths Giant Bears
And many more common animals
Atypical sizes are prevalent

Mainstream science tries to push these areas
Into being millions of years old

It is important what you believe
Our DNA signal sends the instruction sets of our beliefs into the environment

If we are engulfed in the 3D illusion
Our cellular blueprints that hold a much higher frequency will not be activated

In music when changing a note
It is important to resonate with and be in phase with the next one

When a person is able to absorb incoming plasma light
Their bodily fluids will become like generators
Because the water in our fluids carry electromagnetic waves

This will unlock dormant DNA
And open encryptions to larger patterns and sequences

Which is the key code to release the potential
Of our life force or soul

Our bodies are ionized and generate plasma light
When ignited by electromagnetic signals

Our cells are electrical battery generators

Our nervous system uses electrical energy to transmit messages
And sends plasma light energy to communicate with our DNA signals
That organize the nucleotides which are arranged into DNA patterns

Ionic crystals in our body create compounds called electrolytes
They control the current that catalyzes ionization
Which determines our ability to absorb plasma light

When we absorb plasma light
The alchemical fluids from our sexual organs
Also become more powerful

During orgasm the activated fluid cause our cells
To integrate more with our soul

Our soul becomes more ignited
And able to unite with our partner

Making for a heightened sexual experience!