The sky is a reflection of water
Held in place by electrical charge

The reason the sky is red in the south
Is because that is where the plasma sheath comes down to the earth

Stars have a hole in the middle
And an X centered on the hole

They are like imprints with wave reflections
On the bottom of a swimming pool

It is called the north pole
Because at glow mode it turns into a pole
That turns into a pyramid shape
Which then fans out into a tree shape

During this time life giving plasma is spread throughout the realm
Humans and other creatures get real big

The tales of giant sea monsters are true
Giant lobsters crabs snakes and fish
Will make the sea a dangerous place
Giant humans used to be commonplace

The Great Wall of China was to keep out large animals
China means Our Chi or our energetic life force
The Chinese were not the original occupants of that country
And are relatively newcomers

Giant birds also roamed the skies
Dinosaurs are fake except for some of the large lizards

Unicorns were real and were originally alicorns
Ali means strong
Like in Mahammad Ali
Pro boxing is fake and fixed like all other sports

California is named for the goddess Kali
Place of Kali for fornication
Or the temple of prostitution
Kali is the dark rampaging Venus of Hinduism

The footprint of God is the north pole
His leg was the north polar axis
His kingdom was the celestial spectacle around Saturn

Excelsior means the highest mountain
It is referring to the polar axis

Galvanic coupling is the linking of humans with electrical beams
Drones geofences smart meters and smart cities all utilize galvanic coupling

5G is the cell phone towers
Whose primary purpose is to radiate the atmosphere

6G will be your body
The terahertz transmitted through you
Will change your body to synthetic

Your chakras are points where your veins and arteries cross
They are overlaid with biosensors because of their kinetic charge
And now everyone is on the worldwide information grid run by AI

Replace limiting beliefs with positive affirmations
That reinforce your deservingness

Look for reasons to be grateful
Your goal is to feel good as much as possible
Thoughts and feelings attract circumstances opportunities and people

You need to be a vibrational match
With what you want to attract!