The monolith that was found
In the Utah desert

And which looks exactly like
The monolith in the movie
2001 a Space Odyssey
Appears in the movie several times

The movie is full of hidden meanings

When the spacecraft or Centrifuge comes into view
The spin direction is reversed

The monolith is seen
And a council meeting is held on board
And it is implied that
Alien life has been detected
Because the monolith suggests
The presence of aliens
Which has colossal implications for the human race
But there is a demand for secrecy

Then two astronauts plan
To take control of the ship
But Hal the computer takes over
And puts down the insurrection

This relates to how quantum computers
Through the excuse of a virus
And injecting you with
Artificial electrons
A Luciferace biosensor system
Nano diamonds called quantum dots
Carbon nano tubes for antennae
And HIV inserts in the Corona virus

Are ready to take over the affairs of humans

To make them a node in the software
To take over their thought processes
Put them in a hive mind
And install them in a virtual reality

But the presence of alien life
Might get in the way!