We live in a beautiful realm
An abundance of life surrounds us

Above us is the dance of the luminaries
That create karmic patterns
Which interplay with our will and intent

At our birth a magnetic imprint
Gets infused upon our soul

Combinations of energy creates flux
And influences human dynamics in this reality

Our purpose is to incorporate this energy from the stars
And harmonize it throughout the universe

It is a divine reality
Created by higher consciousness

We honor the totality
When we send balance unity and truth into the cosmos

It is a magical plane with invisible wonders
Of mathematical fractals hidden from our consciousness

Where the highest wisdom directly impacts the heart
We increase our power when we expand our compassion

Animals will purify our energy
When we show them we care

It is powerful to be cherished by an animal
Our aura brightens and our soul is amplified
We enhance our spirituality and become more able to reach out to others

When we show love and empathy towards all animals
Not just dogs and cats
It is even more powerful

The sky is the engine room of this reality
It is a unity structure

We are the guardians of this plane
How we shape the energy is up to us

How we treat others
Determines what we become!