Your biofield is a field of energy and information
That regulates your homodynamic functions

What does the Sentinel the Radarsat the Envisat the Riset
The Nizer the Alos the Jers the Seacom the Sky Med the Terra Ser
And the Komp Sat have in common

They are satellites that are equipped with autonomic sensing systems
And optical remote viewing

They zap you with a small laser
Which penetrates your biofield and scans you down to the bone

With a galvanic capacitive current
They move your muscles around

Specialized acoustic networks and terra hertz defined software
Run energy harvesting devices

The quantum layout that penetrates the air molecules around you
Is a layout of networks

These information technologies are ambient ubiquitous and very invasive
Starlink is as annoying as fuck because they are everywhere

After they stick bio sensers in you
You become a dynamic channel and allocation for interference mitigation
Of synthetic and biological agents
Which redesign existing biological systems

As they hunt humans by their DNA with autonomous drones
And shoot you with mini lasers
They pretend they are worried about your 2nd Amendment rights!