In sports there is unethical control.
And fraudulent deception.
Behind the scenes there is a devious influence.
That tampers by crafty means.
All to maximize profits.
Sports have always been associated with gambling.
And where there’s gambling there will be cheating.
Everyone knows wrestling is fake.
Boxing has always been rigged but has maintained an air of legitimacy.
Back in 1964 Sonny Liston let Cassius Clay (Mohammad Ali) win to become the heavy weight boxing champion.
And the nice looking, eloquent, poetic, draft dodging Muslim stole the show.
And attracted the attention of the world.
The fixing of the 1968 Super Bowl 111 has become legendary.
The Baltimore Colts had an unbeatable team.
The New York Jets were huge underdogs just out of the AFL.
Joe Namath was the famous Jets quarterback.
But Broadway Joe was also an insider.
Bubba Smith was an All Pro defensive end for the Colts.
He appeared in commercials and movies.
He has stated numerous times that Super Bowl 111 was fixed.
Fixing the World Series goes way back to 1919.
That was when the Chicago Black Sox baseball team was payed off by the management to allow the Cincinnati Reds to win.
The whole team was in on it.
The players talked way too much and the news spread like wildfire.
The management quickly changed the name from the Black Sox to the White Sox to try and fix their tarnished image.
That was over 100 years ago.
And people have learned how to become better cheaters.
And everyone is in on it.
League officials and College Presidents.
They use key players along with referees and coaches.
Quarterbacks and pitchers are key players.
If they don’t cooperate they won’t be around very long.
The World Cup has been fixed.
And since hockey is similar to soccer both fixes are easy.
Horse racing is fixed all the time.
Jockey races are the jockeys doing what the owners told them.
But what do you expect from a sport that shoots the horses in the head as soon as they are not profitable.
Nascar only allows certain kinds of engines and rigs the outcomes.
The reason Tiger Woods never missed a chip shot because his ball had a lead magnet in it.
And so did the hole.
Big time golfers are put there by Intelligence.
And many football coaches come straight from the Military.
Baseball has always been under the direction of the Free Masons.
Baseball is so easy to rig.
Pitchers walk batters on purpose.
Or give them easy pitches to hit.
Fielders deliberately make errors.
Batters intentionally strike out.
There are many baseball players who are insiders.
Fans realize football coaches call every play.
But what they don’t know is that the coaching staffs are talking to each other.
So that the team that is supposed to win does.
Basketball is harder to fix.
But referees can determine a game easier then you think.
And like golf the NBA and NCAA basketball use magnets.
To make sure certain shots go in.
And that others do not.
Fixing of the NCAA basketball tournament goes way back to the 40’s and 50’s.
And top high school players get incentives to go to certain schools.
Coaches now are all millionaires or millionaire wanna bees.
The cash is flowing.
And they have their hands out.
Do you think the owners and league officials will risk their billion dollar business and leave everything to chance?
The real game is the maintaining and increasing the obscene amounts of wealth that is made behind the scenes.
There is wide steroid use in all sports.
Certain college players are encouraged to use it so that they will do well in the NBA.
And it’s all to increase fanfare.
Thus there is lot of acting now.
Just like newscasters keeping a straight face as they report another obvious fake event.
Players can easily be marginalized so it’s in their best interest to cooperate if they are approached.
Playoff games are all fixed.
That’s a sure bet.
Point shaving goes on too.
That is where a team has to win by a certain amount of points because of the point spread the Las Vegas oddsmakers have put on the game.
The NBA finals, The World Series and the Stanley cup routinely go 7 games to insure maximum profits.
The profit incentive is huge for everyone involved.
Teams are made to win who will bring in the most attention and thus revenue.
But now things are getting out of control.
The best players are getting cloned.
And the clones are playing in the games.
Soon stadiums and arenas will be full of screaming fanatical fans cheering on clones.
Who if they don’t do what they’re told will be punished.
Women sports are being infiltrated by transgenders.
All one has to do is claim they are transgender and they’re in.
Men have a big advantage over women being taller, stronger, faster and better jumpers.
Venus and Serena Williams with their muscular build are obviously men.
The incentive to cheat here too is big because of the money.
Transgenders draw more attention.
Women basketball coaches in their quest to win are actively recruiting transgenders.
Baylor University seems to be in the forefront.
There are now hundreds of them in female sports.
It has become an epidemic.
Their athleticism has increased the popularity of their sport.
Sports though are meant to entertain.
So I guess everyone’s happy.