You are an actor on the stage of life
Embrace the role of the person living the life you want

To be present in the moment is to touch eternity
For now is all that exists

Mindfulness of the moment
Transforms persistence into divinity

The Universe is eager for your divine light to illuminate the cosmos
It feels us as we become part of it
And cheers us on to victory

Through challenges the Universal Mind polishes us
So that we can take part in the divine music
That pervades the now

Step into the version of yourself
That has already realized your innermost dreams and desires

Keep your flame of imagination burning bright
It is your hidden superpower that sculps your passions
And forms them into your reality

Live your life as if your prayers have been answered
And you will be like a time machine
Transporting yourself to what you desire

Believe your thoughts have creative potency
Cast your inner dreams forward into your desired future

Your heart amplifies your energy
And sends it forth to your pineal gland
Which is a portal to higher dimensions of consciousness and understanding

Through the pineal gland the light of your soul shines in all directions
And illuminates the path of self discovery

It is a mirror which reflects your inner self
And sends out the divine within!