LED lights are being put everywhere
Street lights
Athletic Clubs

LED lights affect
Your nervous system
Your circadian rhythm
Your cognitive functions
And brain waves

5G power transmitters in little rectangular boxes
Are being put up every 500 feet
That is not even 2 football fields

They are 100 times more powerful than 4G

The 5G transmitters send out electrical frequency waves of 60 ghz
That is the frequency oxygen molecules absorb energy

We breathe in two molecules of oxygen
Stuck together with the electrons that they share

But the 5G energy waves will cause the electrons
To spin and orbit differently
Preventing the formation of diatomic oxygen molecules

No oxygen then will be absorbed into the bloodstream
And no oxygen transported throughout the body

And without the oxygen binding electrons
Hemoglobin will not attach to our blood

5G will eventually power everything
But right now it is only weaponized Wi Fi

We are in the process of being immersed 24-7
Into the spectrum of 5G transmissions
Which consist of electrical microwaves

We are being put on a controlled foreign vibration

And saturated in electricity

This will cause sickness
But it will be blamed on an outbreak
Of the Corona Virus
And used as a reason for quarantines