The Aztec Nanahuatl hurled himself onto a great funeral pyre
And was totally enveloped in fire
He then suddenly emerges and transfigures into a sun god

Pericles also dies a fiery death in a funeral pyre atop Mount Etna and then is rejuvenated

In the previous era Venus was a 4 rayed star
That transformed into the Dragons Eye and the Crown Jewel of Lucifer

Venus was also a 4 petalled rosette with 4 lights in between the petals
This can be explained as a high energy discharge of synchrotron radiation
Emitting plasmoids in a self made magnetic field
The plasmoid lights are quadrupoles within a quincunx

The high energy discharge of Venus was the great funeral pyre
And the Holy Cross on which Mars the Son of Saturn was renewed or born again

Christ appeared in radiant glory after his death and resurrection
Same old story same old song and dance my friend

Ohm Shanti was the vibration of Venus in close proximity and in front of Saturn in the former epoch

The universe is a system of interacting energy fields
Through this field our etheric energetic body has the ability to transmit thought
When someone suddenly pops into your head it is because they are thinking about you

What you wish upon others you wish upon yourself
Ideal relationships appear automatically when you embody your ideal state of consciousness

As the earth is exposed to greater amounts of frequency and light
The vibrations of all living beings increases

Imagination is the force that breathes life into your dreams and turns them into realities
In the tangible realm of belief you possess the power to shape the very essence of your being

Assume a positive outcome for daily affairs
This will set a constructive tone and the momentum will carry forth

The world responds to your beliefs
And will bring forth circumstances people and events that align with them

As you experience these situations it confirms your beliefs
And you act in ways congruent to your chosen beliefs

Assume the embodiment of success and confidence
And your behavior will exude unshakable assuredness and an aura of undeniable accomplishment

It is akin to a gentle steady wind beneath your wings
That induces you to dance fearlessly on the grand stage of life

The universe conspires to honor your assumptions
And transform your inner beliefs into reality

Your faith is your fortune
And your unbelief is your enemy within

Replace the shadows of self doubt
With a steady stream of affirmations and empowering statements

When you internalize this wisdom your dreams materialize
And the symphony of your consciousness harmonizes with the orchestra of life itself

It is a symphony that stirs every thought influences every emotion
And propels every action towards the actualization of the assumptions you hold dear!