The Old Testament is a conglomeration of books from different sources
A lot of it is elaboration
A lot of it is made up
None of it is inspired

The gods and heroes were celestial orbs
That were active in a former sky

Moses was Mars
Moses went up Mt. Sinai
Mars ascended the celestial axis or Mountain of God

He spoke with Elohim
Elohim is the Hebrew word for Saturn

The Burning Bush is Venus in front of Saturn

As Atlas steals the Golden apples of Zeus
And returns them to Athena in the Garden of the North
Eve takes an apple in the Garden of Eden

As Manu the Hindu lawgiver builds a boat to escape a flood
So did Noah

The pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night
Was the North Celestial Pole in former times

The planets in this previous epoch
Were gathered around the North Pole
And were the Assembly of God

They were in close proximity
And were anthropomorphized

And later were regulated to men
With miraculous powers
And Herculean capabilities