The soul is a light frequency
That fragments through the dimensions
Creating a spectrum of colors

We are a vortex of the Infinite
A universe within a universe
Where every thought has an effect

We are light animations
Reflecting ourselves in different frequencies
Trying to connect each version

We embody life force
And are a fractal expression of the Divine

We project octaves of vibration
Which form holographic imprints
In the ether field of plasma

We structure and restructure vibrational simulations
We create and convert them by our frequency

We are beautiful harmonic waveforms of the golden ratio
And we hold the power of God Consciousness

We occupy the spectrum
Where the physical and spiritual kiss each other
Where our resonance defines reality

We can open portal bandwidths
By matching and holding the frequency of sound waves
In a sequence of light codes

We can contact other dimensional beings
And have the ability to live a heartfelt compassionate existence

We have incredible value
Even aliens see that!