In the beginning Elohim created Shemayim and Eretz
Elohim means Saturn
Shemayim means the Dwelling Place of God
Eretz means Land of the Gods

And the Land of the gods was Tohu Wa Bohu
Tohu Wa Bohu means Utter Chaos

And darkness was on the face of Tehom
Tehom means a surging mass of water

And the Rauch of Elohim
Moved upon the face of Mayim
Rauch means Wind
Mayim means Celestial Waters

So the more correct version is:
Saturn created his dwelling place in heaven and also the land of the gods
This land was utter chaos and darkness was on the surging mass of waters
The wind of Saturn moved upon these celestial waters

By the time of Isaiah the celestial waters were no longer visible

Isaiah 51:10
Art not Thou the one that dried up the sea
The waters of the great Tehom