The 4th of July is just a cult obedience ritual
There is nothing to celebrate

There is no USA
No Israel China Russia or Mexico

What there is
Is 63 Central Banks headquartered in Boswell Switzerland
With hundreds of hunger game banking districts

America has 13 Central Banks and 12 hunger game districts
Washington DC is in district 5
And is run by the Central Bank in Richmond Virginia

Presidential debates are fake
Nobody gets elected
Voting is a psy op – a psychological operation

Do not stand for the national anthem
Do not sing the Star Spangled Banner
You are better off watching porn

Biden is the funny clown
Trump is the serious clown

Both are pretending to be interested in the next presidency
They put on a show for the augmented
Augmentation is the hacking of your body and hooking it up to the internet of everything

The real Joe Biden and the real Donald Trump
Are not around anymore
They are now clones inhabited by who knows what

We have never had a republic or a democracy
America is not an independent country

All banks depend on the BIS – the Bank of International Settlements in Boswell Switzerland for their money
The BIS governs the ITU – the International Telecommunications Union in Geneva Switzerland
Which determines how much radio frequency gets pulsed into you

The ITU overseen by the BIS controls the sending of signals into your smart phone and TV
And the steering of beamed LED optogenetic lights that hang over your neighborhood streets
We live in a theatrical show under the direction of the Swiss Bank Authority

These Swiss authorities are Swiss in body only
They are not human in spirit
They have mansions on Lake Geneva Lake Como and Lake Gardo in Switzerland

Adjuvants are time delivered poisons delivered to your body
These pathogens put inside hydrogel can be released by different frequencies

An 18 giga hertz signal pulsed 3 times for one minute
Will cause nano particles to swell and release their pathogenetic contents
Causing an epidemic

We are under maritime law
And the currents of our world is the currency of money
Under the supervision of alien hybrids in Switzerland!