Having a world war takes a lot of planning. And what is going to happen comes from orders from the top.
Banks will legally confiscate depositors money. While they take a holiday.
Corporations will lay off employees.
Retail stores will close.
The controlled government will shut down.
A series of catastrophes will first occur. Earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. These can be all initiated by directed energy technology.
A blackout is also set to take place. The energy grid will be knocked out by an strong electromagnetic pulse. Probably blamed on North Korea.
America has enjoyed prosperity. The dollar has been the reserve currency since after WW2 when it replaced the British Pound. All countries have had to have a reserve of dollars in order to conduct trade. The dollar has also been needed to buy or sell oil. The Petro dollar.
But in this war the Envy of the World will be brought down to it’s knees.
War is a huge profit making scheme. The United States government is made up of people in the banking and corporate world. The scam is to create a war, have the government borrow money from private banking institutions and then buy war products at tremendously inflated prices from corporations with inside connections.
The political scene is fake. Politicians have to do what they are told. They put on a show of blaming each other. When in reality they are connected to elite families who run the show. The outsiders who get into office have to put on a good act of sincerity if they want to keep their exalted positions and become rich.
Division is created to keep Americans at odds with one another. Red state vs. blue state. Republican vs democrat. Rich vs. poor. White vs non white. Trump backers vs. Hillary or Obama supporters. Divide and conquer.
Crises are manufactured to usher in controls. Curfews and martial law will be enacted as soon as the planned big events start up.
The financial crisis will be blamed on America’s debt. But debt is a big lie because the government could just print their own money without borrowing it.
As in other wars food will become scarce for the losing side. When this happens desperation sets in and people will do whatever it takes to get sustenance. They will be willing to go to Fema Camps so that they can eat.
During WW2 the German Mark become almost worthless. Whoever had foreign currency from the winning side was automatically rich.
It is all about money and power. The ones who control the banking system are the controllers of governments and thus the populace. They are the power behind the scenes. The proverbial man behind the curtain.
What people have a hard time understanding is that all the leaders and presidents are on the same team. This takeover has been transpiring over hundreds of years. If someone rebels they are taken out.
Even Hitler and Mueslini were part of the aristocracy. Hitler’s real name is Hiller. That family is way up in the hierarchy and are cousins with close business ties with the Fairchilds and Kaisers.
The release of all the English prisoners after they were captured at Dunkirk at the start of WW2 can now make sense. And why Union Bank which is owned by the Rockefellers financed Germany. And why various American corporations such as IBM had business deals going on with Germany all through the war.
The typical American is overweight, takes some type of pharmaceutical drug, gets vaccinations and ingests fluoride. They eat the dead carcasses of animals, consume GMO’s and other processed food laced with poisonous insecticides. They are stressed out about money and so they work hard. They spend most of their free time watching sports and entertainment.
They don’t realize how rigged everything is. They do not have the ability to care about the fate of people in other countries. Or about the mass exploitation and slaughter of animals. They are the product of the education system, religious institutions and the media.
But that has been the plan.
Now it is time for another depopulation.
Unbeknownst to the vast majority this has happened many times in the past!