Having a world war is a little risky now a days. A lot of the power structure now in place might end up being worse off.
But America’s economy will falter if the dollar is no longer the reserve currency and no longer the Petro dollar. Which is what Russia and China are trying to do.
War is a big part of our economy. The people who have the most influence profit from loaning money and profit from selling weapons and other items used for war. The Military Industrial Complex as it is known is by far the biggest seller of weapons of war in the world.
So there is a dichotomy. America needs war to keep our economy afloat. But some are trying to create a civil war. To do that they need to create division. Divide and conquer. Red state vs. blue state. Republican vs democrat. Rich vs. poor. White vs non white. Trump backers vs. Hillary backers. Develop conflict and then use that to usher in big controls such as curfews and martial law. War is about money and about who profits where.
Most of the time politicians are nothing but very good actors and are told what to do and say by the power structure. They know they will have short careers if they try to correct the wrongs. And that they will be millionaires with long careers if they do what they are told. They are out for their own individual interests and know they will be sitting pretty when the economy falters.
When Germany was being plundered after WW1 Germans ate whatever they could find while the rich moneychangers lived high on the hog. Women had no choice but to sell themselves to buy food for themselves and their children. Foreign currency was the only one of value. When the currency tanks so does the power of the people who use it.
The controllers of the money supply have the ultimate power. The British bankers based in London and Israel because of its financial connections are the powers behind the scenes. Israel has a dominating influence in American politics and sends billions of dollars a year to Israel.
When you are in charge of the currency then you have the ability to put your people in positions of influence. After WW1 Hitler spent 2 years in England where he was trained and then financed and put in power by the English aristocracy. And that is the reason he let all the English prisoners go when they were captured at Dunkirk. Hitler was a vessel of the ruling elite. It is well known that American bankers such as Union Bank financed him. And that various American corporations had deals going on with Germany. The Queen of England and the Kaiser of Germany were cousins.
And that is the same reason why the Germans were so slow in bringing up their Panzer tanks to respond to the Normandy invasion. Hitler hesitantly gave orders not to use the Panzer tanks until he gave permission. The siege at St. Petersburg had stalled and Hitler realized America was behind it. He had been double crossed by the ones he was thinking about double crossing. He calculated his options. He thought better to fall into the hands of the Americans and so let the American forces gain a foothold. That decision saved his life after the war but was the final blow for Germany.
The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Syria are for Israel. They want to rule the whole Middle East. That is why the president of Israel said 911 was good for them. And why there were dancing Israelis “documenting the event”. It provided them an excuse to wage these wars using the American military. Russia and Israel are very close but Russia doesn’t want to lose Syria to America. What it comes down to is that very rich and influential people who have close connections are competing with each other for dominance.
The plan for WW2 originally was to use Germany to attack Stalin who had been defying the bankers enforcing his ‘Stalin purges’ in which 20 to 30 thousand members of his cabinet, many with very close ties abroad, had been killed over Stalin’s fear of being assassinated. But when Hitler set up an independent currency which made Germany thrive the plan was secretly changed to attacking Germany. An independent thriving Germany would ruin the power of the bankers. And if Hitler seized Russia which he was secretly plotting Germany would become as powerful as the USA and Britain combined. So a deal was made by Britain/America with Stalin because Stalin needed help. And so just when Germany pushed the Russians to the brink of defeat at the siege of St. Petersburg the USA came to their rescue providing Russia with weapons, materials and aid that gradually resulted in the Germans being pushed all the way back to Berlin.
American presidents say what they are told. They have teleprompters to tell them how to reply to questions. Their speeches are written out for them. The English aristocracy did the same thing for Hitler. They wanted to set up their banking system in the Middle East but couldn’t because usury wasn’t permitted there. So they needed to create animosity towards the Jews so that they would move to Palestine. Hitler and the British signed the Transport Agreement in which Jews would be given free transportation to Palestine and they would also keep all their money. But most didn’t want to go because they were doing well in Germany, and Palestine was then a third world country so they went elsewhere.
After the war they needed to demonize Hitler. So he went from Time magazines Man of the Year to a mad dictator who directed the making of soap, lampshades, mattresses, shrunken heads etc. out of dead bodies. All which have been debunked. The poison gas one still persists even though Jewish scholar David Cole got the superintendent of Aushwitz to admit on camera that the gas chambers were a Russian invention after the war. The crematorium was made to look like a gas chamber by tearing out the plumbing and inside walls, smashing in a hole in the ceiling and constructing a chimney – which they did not even connect to the pretend gas chamber. If that was a real gas chamber everyone in the camp would have died because gas would have escaped through the plumbing, windows, wooden door and even the smashed-in hole in the ceiling where they allegedly poured down on everyone the Cyclon B – the pesticide which was used to kill lice which spread Typhoid.
So you see the reasons for war and the outcome for war is dictated by the ones in control who want to increase their power. In the US Civil War paid demonstrators went from town to town standing on soap boxes promoting animosity and urging the people to take up arms. The result was a bitter war that lasted 4 years and created such death and misery that it took over a hundred years for much of the South not only to overcome it’s economic woes but to be able to think of Yankees as anything other than thieving, murdering invaders.
The Great Depression occurred when currency production was purposely restricted so farmers and as well as common people couldn’t pay their debts. The result is that the banks took over their land and homes. Everyone hated the banks – that’s why Bonnie and Clyde were so popular.
The typical American is in their late thirties, over weight, on some type of pyschoactive drug, ingests fluoride, is stressed out over money and spends their free time watching sports and entertainment. They do not care about the hundreds of millions of people starving in the world. They do not care about the billions of animals a year being tortured and slaughtered. They do not care about the people suffering in war torn areas. They only have the ability to care about their own lives. Most people are the product of the media and the education system with some religious indoctrination tossed in and when they don’t realize it they are in a most deplorable state.
But as more controls kick in and more security cameras catch you doing little things that don’t do any harm then people will start to respond. As their money keeps buying less and programs like Social security start to fade and grocery store shelves become more empty people will rebel. And that is why the police now are being instructed like the army so that they will be ready. And why Fema Camps are being built providing free GMO food and free vaccines.
The reality now is that things are a lot more controlled than people are aware of. The stock market is rigged. So is the Super Bowl. In the 1920’s major league baseball teams had a big cheating scandal. Even before then boxing and wrestling had controlled outcomes. And of course now everyone knows wrestling is fake. The World Cup was rigged when Brazil was forced to lose. The lottery is a big swindle and has been since Colonial times when it was outlawed because of cheating. Elections are a scam. Presidents are selected by billionaires not elected by the common people. The banking system is being manipulated at the very top and money is being used to control the world. Wars are created and financed by bankers who reap huge profits.
Population control is on the agenda. Chem trails aren’t quite doing it. Quoting from a sequel to the movie The Planet of the Apes. ‘We do not kill anyone. We are a civilized people. We have our enemies kill each other’.