Earth is your playground
Learn to shift your timelines to an ascension protocol

When you source from the heart
You shift your frequency and your DNA

What you put into your body will affect the spinning of your cellular structure
Fruits vegetables nuts seeds and ancient grains are higher vibrational foods

Nanobots and gene editing technology are being put into meat and processed foods
When your body accumulates negative frequencies
You get locked into a negative timeline

Nanobots and gene editing technology are also in the Covid shots
Since food water and air are being deliberately poisoned
Why should you trust the vaccines
People blindly take the vaccines without looking into what is in them

When one is of a positive mindset they project beautiful sacred geometrical patterns into water
You open portals in the quantum field to higher frequencies by projecting positive energy

You emit light and sound waves by your thoughts through your pineal gland
Your emotions give these laser like frequencies power
Your deeds crystallize your projected energy into your reality timeline

Your pulsation of geometrical sequenced energy produces holograms
Projected holograms create a matrix of different realities

AI mirror images versions of reality
And puts us into them if we allow it
We then lose our connection to the organic structure and to Source

Our energy emission determines our magnetic field or aura
Which is your spiritual expression of yourself

Our DNA holds our conscious vibrational patterns or sequences
When your cells which hold your DNA alter their spin rate and direction
You have changed your vibration which is your spiritual energy

We have inside of us the power of the entire structure
We save ourselves through our will and intent

Express yourself in a positive way
And you will exercise your divine sovereignty!