In the movie Greenland an announcement is made:
If you are hearing this seek shelter immediately.

People who are watching the news of the comet fragments
Which are supposed to be breaking up over the ocean
Realize their neighborhood in Central Florida is being hit
And they try to flee.

Comet Atlas in the fake NASA photos
Is shown as being a greenish color
As it is supposedly breaking up and heading towards Earth.

Numerology is an obsession to the elite
They put numbers in movies
And in other conspicuous places
As a sign for things to come
And to help bring about their agenda
But the numbers are all in code.

Letters have a corresponding numerical value
The number 666
Refers to the Roman emperor Nero.

His Greek name is Caesar Neron
Adding up the number representations of his name written in Hebrew
You get 666.

The reason some ancient manuscripts have 616 instead of 666
Is because 616 is the number of his more famous name Caesar Nero.

The Old Roman calendar is frequently used in the secret number codes
So March is considered the first month
Because January and February were later additions in the Julian calendar.

Also number are reversed.

The fake anonymous government insider with a pseudonym of Q
Who is allegedly trying to save the country
Is actually a code.

Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet
Since 2020 is a leap year
March 11 is the 71st day of the year.

But in code it would be May 11.

So 3-11 = 5-11
And 11-3 = 3-11.

Also 3×11=33
33 is the number for high level Freemasons.

In the 2015 movie Genisys Terminator
The license plate of an emergency vehicle is E 999 01
E=5 and May is the 5th month
999 is code for 666.

Is it associating May 1 with 666?
May 1 is May Day
May Day is the emergency code.

Or is it referring to July 1?
July is 5 in the Old Roman calendar.

May 1 is the 122 day of the year in a leap year
San Francisco’s numerical value is 122.

The battleship John Paul Jones has a numerical value of 171
17 = 71.
Will May 11 be the start of WW3?

The reason why Genisys Terminator is spelled differently
Is because the numbers of Genisys add up to 98
9+8=17 = 71 = March 11 which is code for May 11.

The number 923 which is in many movies is code for
9+2=11 which is 11-3
11-3 = 3-11 which is 5-11 or May 11.

Barack Obama is a clone
His high school basketball jersey number was 23
2 is 1 + 1
Or 11-3.

He was allegedly born on August 4
Which is the 216th day of the year
216 = 6x6x6.

There are 58 floors in the Trump Tower in New York City
5 = May but also July
Is 58 code for May 8 or July 8?
Is this the day Trump will have a fake death?

And since Obama is associated with 666
Will he be the Anti Christ that takes over after Trump has allegedly died?

When Trump referred 9-11 as 7-11 it was no mistake
Since September is the original 7th month
Sept means 7.

Phase 1 is the Corona Virus
We are now entering Phase 2
Phase 2 involves vaccinations
COVID means
Certificate of vaccination ID.

In the movie Contagion
Laurence Fishburne who played Morpheus in the Matrix
Is interviewed by the real life CNN news reporter Sanjay Gupta
He talks about the Corona virus
Exactly how it is talked about in real life.

We are in a movie
Everything is scripted
Everyone with major roles are actors
Everyday people are just extras
And don’t even realize it.

NASA reports that in the last couple years
About 50 new comets have been detected
They are breaking up and heading towards Earth
But no one can see them
Unless you are looking in a high powered telescope
In some observatory.

The comets are fake but the disasters will be real.

The movie Pandemic came out
When the Corona virus started.

The movie Greenland comes out June 12. 2020
June is the 6th month
12 is 6 + 6
So the movie Greenland with it’s comets crashing into the Earth
Comes out on 666.