Confront your inner shadows
Face your deepest fears
Examine your worst insecurities
And bring to light your suppressed desires

Change your perspective of them and transform them
Heal yourself and form deeper relationships

By recognizing patterns of projection
We can establish more fulfilling connections

By seeing that we have shared human experiences
We can become more empathetic towards others

Desire fueled by the fire of passion
Becomes a potent force for manifestation
It invites magic to wander into our lives

By aligning desire with highest truth
We harness the creative power of the universe
And we birth our dreams with grace and ease

Belief is the fertile soil from which our desires take root and blossom into reality
Believe that everything you desire is on its way

Visualize you are living the life of your dreams
In doing so you create a vibrational blueprint that attracts desired experiences
The vivid imagery of our imagination breathes life into our dreams

The path that reveals your true essence
Is the one that respects your rhythm and values
And is the path of greatest gratification and abundance

The universe will align your path
With unforeseen opportunities and synchronicities
As it weaves its intricate patterns of existence

Forgiveness is an art that allows us to release our grip on resentments
It is the master key that unlocks the door to emotional freedom

Holding on to bitterness is like carrying around a backpack of heavy rocks
That prevent us from ascending to our higher self

Acknowledge the pain
But refuse to let it define your present and future
Nurture positive thoughts of hope and gratitude

Dreams are a magical bridge
That connects us to our higher self

Recognizing the value of all living beings
And assisting as you can the ones in need
Is an essential pillar of a spiritual filled life!