God dwells in thee
Clouded and shrouded
Doth sit the infinite
Embosomed in man

Within yourself is untold power
Waiting to be unlocked
In a world where anything is possible

We unlock our power
If we unlearn our limitations

Belief is where you feel the plot
Starts to turn in your favor

Belief powered by love
Makes you unstoppable

The path toward truth frees the mind
But there is a difference between knowing the path
And walking the path

You decide your destiny
Fate is a pattern
That leaves room for the randomness of choice

Humans want liberation and enlightenment
But ignorance is bliss

You got to let it all go
Fear doubt and disbelief

In synchronicities we catch a glimpse of a staggering complexity
The sense of a greater order hidden from sight

If we walk into this mystery with pureness of heart
The path reveals itself

Each setback
Each incongruity and allotment of the fates
Is an ineffable cosmic agent of transformation
Connecting us to something greater

We contain the same essence as the Whole
And your path is sacred!